New Live Video Feature Is Now on Tumblr

New Live Video Feature Is Now on Tumblr on Freepps Top Blog

Live video feature continues to take over a number of online platforms, and Tumblr is not an exception. While we already have an opportunity to record live streams using Twitter, Facebook, and even Amazon, Tumblr is expected to become quite interesting because of the type of audience that uses this social network for their entertainment. It is mostly used by younger people, so it is definitely exciting to see what happens.

What can Tumblr users expect from this addition?

It should be noted that the video streaming function on Tumblr is slightly different than the one on other platforms. For instance, Tumblr doesn’t host the live videos, but they will appear on your blog once you’re finished recording. At the moment, you will be able to post your live videos with the help of Kanvas, Upclose, YouNow, and YouTube.

The videos that you shoot remain on the blog, so you can re-watch them later if you want. Once they are uploaded, users will be able to like them or review.  Another great thing is that you can easily reblog the videos just like you would any post on Tumblr. When any blogger that you follow goes live, you will receive a notification. Moreover, you will be able to find these posted videos pinned to the top part of the dashboard, so that you don’t miss them.

What are your thoughts on the newest Tumblr video feature? Share your experience in the comments!


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