New ‘Sign’ Functionality Introduced by Adobe Acrobat Reader

New ‘Sign’ Functionality Introduced by Adobe Acrobat Reader on Freepps Top Blog

To assist small businesses in being less dependent on paper-based operations, software power player Adobe has recently added a ‘Sign’ feature to the Acrobat Reader desktop application. As a result, people will start switching to digital signatures and, i.e. embrace paper-free (and, i.e. more hassle-free) business management practices.

Making Steps Towards Paper-free Operations

In compliance with the latest Adobe research, even in the 21st century of digital saturation, a lot of small business owners still refer to paper-based operations rather than make the most of the digital assistants. 75% of these people claim that they still use pen and paper to sign documents.

Out of over 400 business executives that have participated in a recent survey, 40% responded that pen-and-paper-oriented operations stand in the way of their efficiency and productivity. The integration of the e-sign functionality would give the Acrobat Reader fans the possibility to send 2 documents for digital signature each month, 100% beyond the sign-up fees.

A slew of small business owners already takes advantage of Adobe whenever they need to enhance document-based business processes. For example, they successfully use Adobe Scan to turn paper documents to digital ones, as well as set up, review, and change PDF files using Adobe Acrobat. With regard to the Adobe Sign feature, it will allow small businesses to completely digitize their operations.

With the e-signing possibility integrated with other services, users would get to save lots of their time on signing and making payments, doing it all in one single step, as well as bulk-sending one form in one click and getting speedy e-signatures. The e-sign feature integration into the Acrobat reader would save small business managers’ time and money immensely.

As of today, the functionality is available to Adobe Acrobat users in the US. Over time, the company is planning to introduce this wonderful feature across the globe. The possibility to use electronic signatures would definitely reduce the money spent on paper-based business activities.

Cutting to the Chase: Paper or Digital?

What do you think about this new digital window of possibilities opened to small business executives by Adobe Acrobat reader? If you were in a small business owner’s shoes, would you prefer switching to digital-based document operations? Why? Share your opinion with us in the comment box below. We love participating in a fruitful discussion, and so are a lot of our readers.

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