New Snooze Options For Google Inbox

New Snooze Options For Google Inbox  on Freepps Top Blog

The purpose of email management tools is to make our lives a lot easier, which is especially relevant to those who receive hundreds of emails per day. Dealing with such a great number of letters can easily become confusing and stressful because responding to everything at once is quite unrealistic.  

Reply to your emails when you have enough time

The popular app from Google, Inbox, now comes equipped with two new snooze functions that will help you deal with non-urgent emails by leaving them for later instead of dismissing them completely or forgetting about their existence.

It’s not always possible to respond to every letter right when you receive them because you may not have all the information you need, so this new addition to Inbox is just what busy people need. 

There are two snooze options for you to choose from, such as “Later this week” and “This weekend.” What is also great about “this weekend” feature is that you can choose which days can be considered weekend for you because they can vary depending on your job or other circumstances.

Inbox is just what busy people need

The point is to select the day when you can sit down and go through all the emails that piled up in your box during the week.

This Inbox improvement is expected to become a part of the app over the next week, and people who are used to juggling multiple tasks at the same time will certainly appreciate such additions. 

At the same time, there is always a risk of pressing the snooze button forever if you don’t feel like writing a response. 

Feel free to ask questions and tell us about your experience with the enhanced Inbox in the comments!

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