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Does it look like initial VR enchantment is wearing out? Maybe it just becomes routine for us, as Cardboard gets more available. But there are new kinds of VR experience appear every day, so the topic is far from exhausting.

Here are five more games we have missed in our previous reviews. All of these have been released or at least updated in 2016 or late 2015. Some of them are VR remakes of classical games; some have been designed particularly for VR. 

Another common feature is minimal requirements. If you haven’t bothered to get yourself a wireless controller, that’s no issue.

We’ll keep informing you about new VR apps and games worth your attention. And now try to explore these and not get lost in virtual spaces!


InMind VR app

The developers call it “an educational game”, though what we see is a spectacular deep shooter game with a little sci-fi background. It may remind you of the brilliant Innerspace movie with a journey into the human body microcosm. 

So you’re shrunk to get into the human brain, and the mission you’re on is destroying infected neuro cells before they start affecting healthy ones.

InMind looks fantastic in all possible meanings. The neuro cells network surrounding you may look kind of retrofuturistic, the way the VR future was displayed in The Lawnmower Man and other cyberpunk movies. 

But, heh, if you turn off the lights, put on your headphones and dive into this cerebral space, it can make you repeat the journey again.

The developers managed to make this game playable without the need to touch the button, all you need is to move your head in the right directions and focus on the right objects.


DryVR VR app

The name of the game is a kind of intended pun; DryVR is shorter then VR Driver and means the same. It’s very specific arcade driving simulator where you control your car with movements of your head.

Your mission on each level is to reach the finish line and to collect as many coins as possible. The further you get the more obstacles you’ll have to go through. This traditional arcade setting is not the thing we’d like to point out.

The direction is defined by a blue cursor that indicates the destination of your car. You move this cursor by tilting your head. Sometimes you even have to turn around and do quite a bit of moving to reach the goal. 

If you often feel stuck in your armchair caught by gaming, this one’s what you need to feel the drive with every cell of your body.

The developers recommend running this game on powerful devices with modern CPUs and GPUs. The first look at what they propose with these requirements may disappoint. But that’s the case VR really makes sense. 

If you wish you may run this game in usual 3D mode with no VR device and see the magic transformation. The same graphical environment suddenly may look poor on the screen and conceptual in your head mount.

Cardboard Snake

Snake VR app

Snake has always been one of the most popular mobile games, even before smartphones went in. There had even been cellular phones people bought because they had Snake preinstalled.

But have you ever wondered how it looks like for the snake? The VR remake of the game lets you play this game in FPV mode. So you are the snake now, and you collect the balls and try not to run into the wall or into your own tail! 

Yes, it will make you move your neck like you’re a real serpent sneaking around. But this game may become the main reason to put your head mount on.

High graphics has never been the feature we love in Snake. Simple view and hard gameplay is what it always had and happily hasn’t lost in VR edition. There are several gaming modes, and we recommend trying all of them.


Slender VR app

The Slenderman’s story seemed VR-oriented from the very beginning. Finally, the developers came to making a VR take on the forest chase story. You still have to collect the pages hanging in some places of the mysterious forest at night and avoid the slender murderer.

While other games just look better with your lights off and headphones on, Slender requires these conditions as necessary. That will surround you with that primitive, primal horror.

The game brings some unusual spirit into your glasses. The experience is enhanced by creepy sounds and not so ordinary way to move. You need to bow your head down to progress forward, so when you’re moving, all you see is green grass below. 

That reminds the Evil Dead scenes and brings some extra allusions into the game.

Yes, like all Slenderman games, this one looks a bit amatory. But this is the case of a feature, not a bug.


Afterlife VR App

This mystic quest gets you into the afterlife where nothing is predefined like we used to think on Earth. 

Yes, there are Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, but you’re not doomed to one of them, you can select. And it’s up to you whether you’ll get stuck or go further in your afterlife exploration. The only exception is Hell: it’s not supposed to have any ways out.

Have you ever dreamed of visiting these places while you’re alive? Afterlife may be religiously doubtable, but its graphics and sounds are just perfect. Cosmic landscapes and surrounding play of light and colors are among the best VR experiences we ever tried. If the real afterlife is like this, there’s nothing to fear; the adventure goes on.

The only issue about this game is in its selective compatibility. Some devices are not fully supported; especially it goes out to the Chinese takes on Google Cardboard.


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    5 years ago
    To my mind the fact that we can play some good old games like Snake using VR is just great! Other games are actually cool as well, though I consider myself to be a die-hard fan of different classic games, so well I really hope there will be more old games to play in the near future!
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    5 years ago
    Wow! Want to believe I could play my favorite old-school-games in future with this technology (like Starcraft, Diablo and other). I want them ported!
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