News Republic Gets Useful Social Features

News Republic Gets Useful Social Features on Freepps Top Blog

The News Republic is a popular Android app that offers users an excellent way to receive the latest news on their phones.

Now that the updated version of this application has become available on the Google Play Store, you can use new social features that make it much easier and more exciting to find interesting news and share them with others.

So what are the new features of this application?  

Today, the social aspect is an inseparable part of a lot of applications, so the new functions of News Republic are certainly a pleasant bonus. With the help of these features, you can make sure that you find all the news in the categories that are most interesting to you.

New News

You get an opportunity to use the News Republic app to connect with the users that specialize in certain topics to get the information you need. Instead of trusting the app to find the stories that may or may not be something you want to read, you and other users can determine which topics are the most important to you by joining a community.

News Republic app

Such approach increases the chances of finding the content that you will like.

Moreover, the users of News Republic can read the articles in 37 languages that are written by people from 53 countries. Regardless of where you live, you have a chance to increase the number of informational sources.

Are you a regular user of News Republic? If so, tell us what you think about new social functions, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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  • A
    5 years ago
    it's very comfortable for me to use such gap, because i need special information about travelling or languages, and i easily find in certain topic
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  • gg
    gennario gatoraduso
    5 years ago
    And indeed with this app to find the necessary news for me it became much easier. It's nice when such news appear for us.
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