Notif Log App Says "No" to Losing Notifications

Notif Log App Says "No" to Losing Notifications on Freepps Top Blog

Have you ever dismissed notifications on your smartphone and totally forgot about them the very next moment? Or, maybe, you have deleted them automatically, even without reading first? Then, welcome to our club! Unfortunately, the dismissed messages can’t be restored to the majority of applications, so, they’re gone forever. 

Why It Is So Important and What to Do

App or system notifications are the indicators of the processes happening to our mobile devices. As a rule, they remind us to perform some necessary actions, such as cleaning cache or answering to a friend’s message. Still, sometimes it happens so that we manage to lose even them, meaning that we may miss something essential.

In case your device is running stock Android 4.3 and up, you can check the notifications via a settings widget. Though, certain manufacturers and carriers don’t include it to their OS versions for some reason. Fortunately, there is always a solution of every issue. 

Now, it’s the Notif Log application, which tracks and saves the copies of all your notifications, no matter whether you’ve dismissed them or not. What is more, the app also offers to use the benefits of a reminding feature, which don’t allow you to forget about those of notifications marked as relevant. 

Notif Log App Tutorial and Functionality Screenshots

How to Use Notif Log

  • First of all, you need it to be installed on your Android 4.3+ smartphone. 
  • The next step is to launch the app and accept the permission concerning your notification history. 
  • Notif Log is activated now and will show you all the app and system messages when you need this.
  • Then you can manage them via swiping gestures: a right-sided swipe causes deletion, while swiping to the left just snoozes a notification and allows to set the time of future reminding. 
  • The most important notifications may be pinned to the top of the list by the long pressing on them. You may set the number of messages the app must keep.

Final Thoughts

Frankly speaking, Notif Log is not the only application with the aforementioned functionality. There are plenty of other fish, you know. However, unlike the majority of them, this app is absolutely free of charge and multifunctional. Indeed, there is a Pro version, but it doesn’t differ much from the basic app. 

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    The fact, that there is a Pro version, which doesn’t differ much from the basic app.
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