Older Sony Gadgets Lose Amazon Prime Video Access

Older Sony Gadgets Lose Amazon Prime Video Access on Freepps Top Blog

All Sony devices manufactured before 2014 will be banned from Amazon Prime Video access this September.

No More Mr. Prime Guy

Sony AV gadgets released from 2010 to 2013 won't have access to Amazon Prime. In an email, sent to the older Sony system owners, it was stated that the access will be terminated on September 26, 2019. The list of the "banned" devices include (2010-2013):

  • Theater System;
  • Sony Blu-ray Disc Player;
  • Sony Blu-ray Disc Home;
  • Sony AV Receiver;
  • Sony Network Media Player.

The change, frustrating to some, has to occur due to Amazon Prime Video getting upgraded itself. That means some old models, not necessarily produced by Sony, should be expelled from the "guest list".

To sweeten the bitter pill, Amazon offers a discount coupon to all customers, whose subscription will be terminated. The coupon is worth $24 and can be used to purchase Fire TV Stick, making it only $ 12. Fire TV Stick is a streaming device, which supports Alexa voice commands and 4k definition.

So Sorry, Sony

Do you possess one of the banned devices? Do you think Amazon's decision is fair, understandable and forgivable? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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