Rely On Your Heart With a New Dating App Named Once

Rely On Your Heart With a New Dating App Named Once on Freepps Top Blog

Does it really happen just once in a lifetime? We mean that moment when you see someone and you understand: it’s the one. And your heart reacts; it races ahead, or starts skipping beats. This feeling can’t be left unnoticed or confused with anything.

Even if we suppose this can happen twice or more times, we can’t miss the app named Once (available for iOS and Android). The developers of Once decided to exploit this heart feature for better recognition of “your type” while using dating services.

In fact this app justifies its name and solves one of the greatest dating problems: selection. The app chooses only one potential partner for you every day. How does it detect one? By analyzing your heart rate. And yes, it requires a smartwatch or Fitbit tracker connected to your smartphone or tablet. Today it only supports Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge, as well as Android Wear devices. It’s not sure whether the app will ever work with market-breaking Xiaomi Band 1S or other non-Fitbit trackers.

Compared to Tinder or Badoo, the app looks rather revolutionary, which is yet another French tradition.

The app originates in France, the world-supposed country of love, romancing and romantics, and at the same time the country of engineers and mathematicians. The Once combines spirits of Dumas and Fermat and uses scientific tools to measure your feelings. There are human selectors behind the service. They present you one potential match a day; that’s what the name is about. The user has 24 hours to decide whether to accept or to decline the proposed person.

Compared to Tinder or Badoo, the app looks rather revolutionary (yet another French tradition), so the developers presented a video explaining how to use it. All you need is to launch the app, connect it with your heart-measuring device and look at the potential match profile. The heart doesn’t lie, so heart activity is the best indicator of your real attitude towards who you see.

When in Paris...

The Once service selects persons with similar physical and social attributes to increase the matching probability. The narrators also consider interests and personal preferences, so the heart is just a parameter in a row. And yes, the app works even without wearable devices, but you’re limited to traditional criteria then. By the way, it provides a double reason to finally purchase the tracker, so it will help you both in finding your match and in getting more attractive.

The principle of this feature has been confirmed by a scientist. Professor Pat Mumby tells us that falling in love makes your body feel different, elated in some way, and it happens because of uncontrolled chemical reactions. Yes, this butterflies-in-the-stomach process involves the heart with its rhythm, and this is the parameter we can measure to acknowledge what we feel in fact.

Well, if you search for your perfect match, if the idea of applying science and technology to romantic feelings doesn’t seem blasphemous to you if you don’t mind using wearable devices… Try Once. Just once. Maybe you luckily won’t need to use it again.


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    5 years ago
    I think it's a good app, it really can help people find love even if they are too busy at work.
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