Opera Jumps On Security Train With Its Own VPN

Opera Jumps On Security Train With Its Own VPN on Freepps Top Blog

Earlier in May, Opera Software introduced its own Opera VPN app. Now iOS users can enjoy free Opera’s VPN available all over the world.

To use this app, you have to select your desired virtual location, including:

  • USA;
  • Canada;
  • Netherlands;
  • Germany;
  • Singapore. 

The fake location will be used to avoid limitations other countries’ providers apply to restrict access to some pages or whole domains. 

So you can access social media, video streams, other resources, even if they’re banned in the country you're visiting or residing in.

Opera VPN App

A built-in ad blocker within this app can also cut banners you don’t wish to see on your web pages and save your traffic on third-party browsers like Safari or Chrome. There is also tracker blocker so your real location won’t be tracked.

The VPN bandwidth is only limited by your provider’s facilities. The service is promoted for free for all Opera users.

Though the app is only available for iOS, both for iPhone and iPad, users on other platforms benefit from it too. The desktop edition of Opera has received a built-in VPN feature back on April, 21st.and a built-in ad blocker a month before. 

The Android version of Opera VPN, as the company has announced, is about to be released.

We will track the news and review the app as soon as it’s available on Android devices.

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