Opera Mini For Android Reviewed: Still Going Meh

Opera Mini For Android Reviewed: Still Going Meh on Freepps Top Blog
If someone had offered me to install Opera Mini as a default browser on my Android even a couple of months ago, I would have answered “No, thanks!” Then we would have laughed a bit and started discussing something else. It would have been a pretty obvious and predictable reaction for that time due to the great amount of lags and bugs in the Opera’s work. 

Still, things change and so does Opera Mini. The developers have announced that the application is about to be re-done. Yep, almost a new one with a whole bunch of cool features and up-to-date tweaks. And it’s interesting to get to know the current situation with this browser. Is it worth dwelling on our devices? The users would like to see something more essential than just a new app icon. 

Why Opera Mini? – Because of Economy, of Course!

You may try using Opera Mini again for any reason. Still, if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi and your mobile data plan is on a cap, you have even more reasons to do this. The fact is this web browser compresses the incoming data and thus reducing your monthly bills. 
Save Traffic Data with Opera Mini Web Browser

There are two levels of data saving. The first one – High – works “mildly” and compresses data gently and moderately. The Extreme Mode shows almost unbelievable results. Allowing to save almost 90% of incoming data, it makes a huge difference to other browsers using the data compression technology. Besides, such compression also means that you’ll get a faster browsing experience. At the same time, this saving mode changes a general look of a site by cutting pictures and unnecessary links. 

Moreover, there is a data counter showing how much data has been saved for the current day. At the end of a month, the total amount will surprise you. This is especially true if you surf the Internet in roaming.

Key Features Available

Opera Mini covers all the basic functions an average user may need from a mobile browser. If you aren’t familiar with them, check the following list of opportunities offered. 
  • Saving pages for further reading even without Internet connection and third-party applications like Pocket.
  • Viewing the news collections and customized recommendations from all over the world on the Speed Dial page. They are grouped according to topics highlighted. This simplifies the relevant content finding.
  • Adding the most frequently visited sites to Speed Dial.
  • Surfing the net in a Private Mode for leaving no traces in the history of browsing. Such tabs differ from ordinary ones by a dark border. 
  • Enjoying a nice-looking and simple-to-use interface looking like in a desktop-based version.
  • Switching between tabs with ease via swiping.
  • Downloading multiple files simultaneously in the background.
  • Pausing and postponing the process of downloading of large until you have a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Using a Night Mode for more comfort midnight reading and battery saving. 
  • Checking the Facebook notifications directly in the browser.
  • Synchronizing between all the connected devices for bookmarks sharing. You will need to create an account first. 
Opera Mini User Interface and Functionality

The Leopard That Can’t Change Its Spots

Singing all these praises to the renewed browser doesn’t change the fact that history always repeats itself, though. That is why you sometimes may notice that not all the web pages are displayed correctly. Does it ring any bells? Some sites still simply refuse to load and you can do anything to cope with this. Yet, it should be noted that such situations may happen only when Extreme Mode is active. So, we can speak about the decreasing of side effects. Judging from the feedbacks found on the net, browser’s behavior is contradictive. About a half of users are happy with the updated version and its UI while the other half complain about freezing and crashes almost every session. 

The Final Word

Several years ago, Opera Mini’s popularity broke all the records. It happened due to low system requirements and incoming traffic saving. But these functions have ceased to be of great importance. Together with the widespread system bugs this caused the app replacement by the rivals.

But the new version of this mobile browser is fully capable of regaining the lost ground. As we can see, the team of Opera Mini developers has done their best to make its general performance better. The web browser isn’t flawless, of course, but it’s more responsive now and causes fewer crashes. 

Anyway, the app is free to download and install, which is one more reason to give it a try as a fallback in case of dealing with a limited and slow connection. Besides, it’s well-optimized for both smartphones and tablets. 

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  • S
    5 years ago
    Finally I've found my favourite browser for Android. Data saving is a great feature, I have never seen it work as good in other browsers.
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  • J
    5 years ago
    Installed Opera. I thought the phone will be a long time to think. But this did not happen. Convenient, fast, functional.
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