Pandora For Android Gets A New Trim

Pandora For Android Gets A New Trim on Freepps Top Blog

Back in the days when music streaming and user preferences analysis belonged to futuristic novels, Pandora was rolling boulders up the hill. Their aim was to create the largest database of songs grouped by genres, instruments used to perform them, singers' gender as well as a myriad of other tags.

The final goal of this struggle was engineering a system that would beat the competition at suggesting similar songs, thus providing the listener with flawlessly crafted streams.

Pandora had indeed pioneered at music streaming but like for many other firstcomers, its success wilted away with time, with the likes of Spotify taking the spotlight. Other successful services have come to recognition, like Google Play Music and Apple Music.

Pandora's looks were dated, to say the least

One of the reasons for Pandora's decline may have been its looks and UI, which were dated, to say the least. While content is king ©, looks play a major role in the hipster age. For quite a while, Pandora's weren't the sassiest ones - no Material Design and rusty sidebars had no game to speak of.

But, for the patient and the adventurous, the oldtimer of music streaming unveiled a new redesigned look. With sleeker menu and dominant white instead of blue, the app looks like it's finally outta rehab.

Pandora appPandora's new looks

The most Material thing is a juicy Thumb Up button, which, while a little unorthodox as it fills in for a staple Android "plus", makes a statement. The menus are now clean, fresh and easy to navigate.

If the subscription of your streaming service is running on fumes, it may be a good idea to check out Pandora's latest incarnation.

Like it? Hate it? Have no idea about it? Don't hesitate and share what you have in the comments!

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