​Peach Out for a New Social Madness

​Peach Out for a New Social Madness on Freepps Top Blog

No typos if you thought about that at a glance at the headline. Peach is a new service launched by Dom Hoffman. By the way, thank him for Vine he has also founded along with others. The developers describe it as a new way of social communicating with friends via automatized microblogging.

The idea is not completely new, at least if you have tried Slack. You don’t have to create your inner circle or a team (like in Slack), you just connect with your most advanced friends that have already joined Peach. And then you try communicating in a microblog format but with all the features of messengers coded in keywords.

What you see in your stream resembles Twitter a lot. But opening a certain post reveals much more though it depends on what your friend has shared.

Hi, this is Peach.Magic Words

While creating a post, you can use keywords to enrich your records with new media features. For example, when you’re listening to some music and you want to share it with friends, all you have to do is type the word “song”. As you have typed it, the app launches its own built-in recognition service (just like Shazam) and generates a link your friend can tap to open the song in Spotify or Apple Music.

When you tap “here”, you don’t have to input your location manually or even activate location services. The app adds your location automatically. You can use “GIF” to search an animated pic from Giphy, “draw”  to start a small graphic editor, “rate” to give something from 1 to 5 stars and so on. When your battery is low and you want to warn your readers about that, you only have to type “battery”, and the app automatically adds info on your battery status.

What you see in your stream resembles Twitter a lot. But opening a certain post reveals much more though it depends on what your friend has shared.

You can even share movies! After typing “movie” you can select its name on themoviedb.org and send your friends a link, so you don’t have to explain what this movie is all about.

Couldn’t we do this all manually? Yes, we could, but the automatic adding info is much easier. Hyperlinks are now built directly into your simple words input, and you share your vision and experience without any doubt you will be understood. It’s a postmodern dream come true.

Today availability of Peach is limited to iPhone only. There’s no Android or even iPad versions. But did it become a problem for Instagram back in 2010? Well, what we see now is much similar to Instagram boom. The users number is growing rapidly. It’s not hard to learn Peach’s lexicon though it will surely grow larger with new updates.

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    2 years ago
    Very nice title and an interesting idea ! Subject beautifully framed . pleasant colors . Convenient to use
  • E
    2 years ago
    I've tried this Peach. Honestly, nothing special about this microblog. I don't think it's gonna be as popular as twitter.
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