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With the beginning of the mobile phones era, we have got used to the thought that anyone may be reached anytime and anywhere. It’s very handy, especially in case of emergency. However, this phenomenon has completely neglected a person’s privacy and business, because everyone tries to reach each other whenever we need this. And what if a user is on the conference of at the meeting? We wish we could know this beforehand not to create an awkward situation!

Actually, we are about to get such an opportunity from the MyState app soon. This mobile service allows to get to know whether other users are available for talking, even before dialing their number. It’s absolutely free of charge and available for both iOS and Android users. 

Identifying Statuses

Check MyState Indicators Before Reaching Someone

So, how to identify the calling status of a user? First of all, pay attention to a color code next to his profile photo: red means “available”, red - unavailable, and orange - “messages only”. On a personal status line you may write down a perfect time period for calling you or inform others that you’re busy, etc. 

Moreover, there are several communication icons showing other users’ phone statuses: silent, vibrate, without an Internet connection, charging (for instance, a user isn’t around the smartphone), low battery (for important talks only), or time zone (for a different country). If you see one of the icons underlined, this means that it’s a recommended way of reaching one of your contacts, based on his/her phone’s current state. 

Note: In case your friend has problems with connection, the app won’t be able to update his state.

Inviting Friends

MyState: Inviting Friends

In fact, you will be able to see all the aforementioned info, if your friends and family members install the MyState app on their smartphones too. The easiest way to invite them is to tap the yellow “Invite Friends” button. Then you’ll be offered a compiled list of 20 people, which may be easily rearranged by yourselves. 

Tapping “Send” means that all of them will get an invitational SMS, which won’t cost you anything. Though, there’s an alternative - tapping the turquoise button to choose the way of sharing (mainly, popular social networks). One more way is to send textual invitations separately via the Contacts tab.

Still, what happens, if one of your friends doesn’t have the app? Nothing serious, actually. After trying to reach you during your talk, he or she will be sent a message notifying that you’re busy at the moment. Furthermore, such users will also be offered to download the app, following the attached link.

Wanna to Crunch Someone?

Crunch Feature Shows Restores Availability

Sometimes it happens so that your friend is already speaking to someone when you try to reach him. Then it’s time for “crunching” or tapping the yellow “Crunch” button, meaning that you will be notified of your friend’s availability the very next moment he/she finishes a talk. Moreover, he/she also gets a notification of your calling. 

The Final Word

The new app should have two versions from the very beginning - for iOS and Android devices. However, at the moment of this article’s writing, there wasn’t an ability to download MyState from any of them, because an attempt to reach it leads back to the website’s home page. Perhaps, it’s only a glitch.

In general, the idea of such an app is great, due to the fact that all of us have experienced the situations with not-so-urgent calls we tried to answer. Besides, this means no more frustration from rejecting calls we sometimes experience.

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