Photo Editor Pro For Android Reviewed: Creativity Comes At No Price

Photo Editor Pro For Android Reviewed: Creativity Comes At No Price  on Freepps Top Blog

As far as new generations of smartphones offer better and more modern camera modules, an average user can quit using digital cameras. Mobile phones are suitable for taking occasional snaps of a rather good quality.

Still, simple high-resolution photos will impress nobody nowadays. Due to this, various photo editors are highly appreciated for their effects and filters. There are hundreds of them at different app markets and you may spend hours and even days in search for the decent one. 

Yet, you may pay your attention to one of the most popular variants – Photo Editor Pro from the Zentertain team. We’ve been using it for some time to test and evaluate its general performance. Below you may see the results of our test.

Effects, Retouch, and Various Attachments

The Good Stuff

Photo Editor Pro is pretty useful for all those people who care about improving their photos before sharing them with others. Users may either choose an image from the Gallery or make an immediate photo via the built-in camera. After downloading the app and choosing the right material for improving, one will be pretty happy to get to know that the editor provide users with all the fundamental editing tools, such as:

  • Auto enhance with one click;
  • Cropping;
  • Focusing (Tilt Shift Effect);
  • Rotating and mirroring (flipping);
  • Brightness, contrast, saturation and warmth adjusting;
  • Red-eye effect removing;
  • Drawing with a pencil;
  • Text inclusion with choice of size, color etc.

Besides, on the homescreen you may find the “Collage” section. The app looks a bit “raw”, taking into consideration an ad depicting the full-featured Photo Collage Pro app placed under the set of grids. Still, you can choose one of the forty layouts offered and fifty-five frames for creating your own unique collage. We liked the fact that it’s possible to add a couple of pics into one layout and then change the grids with only one button tapping. It really makes life easier, especially, if you’ve dealt with collage creating before.

Try Different Collage Styles and Layouts

Photo Editing Pro is lightweight, too. It is not an exaggeration or a simple developers’ enticement. The app does occupy little space in its basic version. However, if you need additional effects or sticker packs to, you’ll have to share with it the free space on your device.

The social part of the app is also a positive thing as you are allowed to share your newly-created masterpieces though a whole bunch of social networks and applications.

Potential Drawbacks

Calling something a drawback or an imperfection is a matter of perception. Something may be of vital importance for one person and not a priority for another. The following issues are also just rather wishes than demands, but they do exist.

First of all, we were disappointed by the fact that extra features and attachments aren’t as productive as they should have been. We mean the amount of free built-in options like effects, features, frames, and stickers. In fact, you can get the additional ones for free (not all the packs), but first you’ll have to tap a “Get More” button and then scroll through dozens of possible variants at the store for further downloading. It takes a lot of time and is not very handy, actually. Moreover, the filters available aren’t even adjustable as, for example, in Instagram or any other similar app.

Use Wonderful Filters and Nice Frames for Your Photos

The lack of a tutorial isn’t a positive moment, too. In fact, the “Help” section consists of a single picture only and it is about border moving in a collage. Great support, isn’t it? To justify the app a little, we can say that the user interface is a clear one and navigation is rather intuitive; so, you’re not supposed to get lost within its functions. 

On the other hand, the total amount of ads could have been reduced to zero, because those pop-up advertising windows are a little bit annoying. What is more, they are full-screen and make the editing process literary impossible. We are aware of the app’s free status, but this doesn’t help not to notice the ads.

The Bottom Line 

The Photo Editor Pro app does provide users with a wide variety of basic features, but that’s all. If you’re not fond of tinsel, hearts or other similar stuff and if you’re not a professional photographer who needs access to the layers of a pic, feel free to install the app on your Android smartphone and be happy with the opportunities offered. Otherwise, if you’re not patient enough to look for additional attachments outside the editor limits or you need some more professional retouch tools, you’d better search for something more powerful, keeping Photo Editor Pro as a fallback. 

Ryan Kerr


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  • C
    5 years ago
    This is really greap photo editor. Huge amount of intersting filters and frames, excellent for those who love experiment with photos, create unique looks and even edit it. Like, for example, you can flip it horizontally or vertically, remove red-eyes. It is very easy to use and fun at the same time. I like effects on my photos. You can type texts too. it is great for improving photos, before share it. I find it very helpful and definately will use it often.
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  • K
    5 years ago
    I've been using this photo editor for a while, and it's one of the best I've ever used. Easy to use and it has really good effects.
  • D
    5 years ago
    Just a good app for photo. The interface is simple and intuitive. However, the opportunities are not very large
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