​Photo Grid for Android Reviewed: Mix It Up

​Photo Grid for Android Reviewed: Mix It Up on Freepps Top Blog
Social networks’ popularity and technology development predetermine the majority of tendencies in the modern world. The demands for quality and originality of shared content are increasing day by day. That is why users try to not only post a simple text or snap, but to make them catchy and memorable, especially when it comes to selfies.

Fortunately, today we have a lot of devices with decent camera modules and an abundance of various tools allowing to correct or improve almost any photo taken. The simplest way to demonstrate one’s creativity in photo editing is installing a specialized and advanced mobile application.  So, you may choose any of them available on the app markets. However, if you’re an Android user and you’re in need of a powerful service for unique collage-making, you should pay your attention to PhotoGrid – Collage Maker. Let's take a closer look at its features.

Main Info and Requirements

The current version of the app (5.131) was recently updated (November 22, 2015). 
Your device should be running at least Android 3.0 and have about 19MB of space available. 
There is also a paid content, but you can easily manage the app without it. 
The age restriction is 12+ due to the before mentioned in-app purchases. 
The user interface supports English, German, French, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Japanese and others.

One will find a green pencil in the upper right corner. Tapping on it activates the editing mode, offering to do the following operations with your future masterpieces:
Skin smoothing/whitening/etc.;
Blur and so on.
Furthermore, you can edit both the whole collage and its separate parts.

Content You Can Create

More than three hundred of layouts and almost a hundred of backgrounds are at your disposal for creating collages. Up to 15 photos may be added for one collage. They may be either automatically downloaded from the Gallery or manually added from the cloud services or other personal folders. You may choose one of the modes available (Original/Instagram, Portrait/Landscape) with different ratios. 

Maximum 9 pictures may be used for creating a scrapbook. However, you can do with them almost anything you like: change the size/location/shape, add filters/text/stickers, choose background/layout and easily change them randomly by shaking the device. 

9 snaps may be also joined to make a filmstrip either of vertical or horizontal orientation. In fact, there aren’t many options to do with its constituents – only moving, zooming, rotating, and sketching.

Video Slides
Slideshows is a one more form of organizing your photos. They may contain up to 50 images. At first, you should choose the photos and organize them in a relevant way. Then set the duration of your film, animation for items, background music, and image, add filters and frames. If you want everyone to know the author of this work, add a signature at the end of the slideshow.

Filters and Backgrounds

There are 5 main filters (Selfie, Vintage, Scenery, Halo, and B&W) and 8 variations of each of them. This gives us 40 items in general. Still, there is also Spooky, Christmas, and Glitter filters to be downloaded additionally. 
Over 80 backgrounds of various colors and patterns are offered by the app. 

Stickers and Text
Inside you’ll find many sticker packs which may be added to a photo. A lot of them are of the thematic character. New stickers are often added to the application before holidays (St. Valentine Day, New Year, Thanksgiving Day, etc.). Some of them are just cute and some express definite emotions or states. 

Any writings may be also placed somewhere in a photo. All of them are fully adjustable (size, color, font, transparency, separate background, etc.). 

Selfie Mode
One more option offered by the PhotoGrid is making selfies with the help of the special selfie cam. It allows viewing the final result right on a screen via applying different filters in a real-time mode before actually capturing a pic.

Social Part
When you finish with a collage or any other work, you may simply post it in one of the social nets or send via email. Moreover, anytime you have an opportunity to view the most popular images posted within the application, to follow one of the top users, or to search for the inspiration via looking through the trending hashtags. 

Some Nuances and General Verdict

Perhaps, the most irritating and noticeable issue is that some filters are to be downloaded on Google Play separately. Actually, you get to know about this only trying to apply them in a snap. That means additional time and storage wasted. 

One more drawback is a not very user-friendly and intuitive navigation. In fact, you have to use the trial and error method to explore the app’s rich functionality. However, we must praise the colorful UI.

Nevertheless, PhotoGrid belongs to the best of its kind. You may be assured of this just looking at a number of the positive comments and reviews on the Internet. The 4.5-star rating (out of 5) on Google Play speaks for itself, too. Still, it’s always better to check it for yourself, because one look is always worth a thousand words.

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    5 years ago
    Great! Really love this app! Collage-making is really easy and gorgeous in this app. Still I'd like to have more filters..:)
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