PicMix For Android Reviewed: Powerful, Social, Fun

PicMix For Android Reviewed: Powerful, Social, Fun on Freepps Top Blog

PicMix is a photo editor intended to breathe some fresh air into your pictures to give them a more interesting look. We can’t ignore the fact that this idea isn’t a brand-new one. Still, the ever-growing PicMix’s fan audience is over 26 million users. Perhaps, it isn’t so impressive number for applications with 100-million communities, but taking into account the high level of competition on the app market in this field, we may say it’s a rather decent achievement. What is an explanation of such popularity? Our user experience may help with the answer.

View the Most Popular Users Photos


Design and UI

Installation of PicMix and registration an account doesn’t take a lot of time. Besides, you may log in with your already-existing Facebook or Twitter account. Then you’ll see an offer to find your friends on Facebook for discovering their photos. One more interesting section contains official accounts of celebrities and famous brands. Yet, for some weird reason, you’ll find there only Indian and Indonesian celebrities.

User-friendly interface is a nice-looking one with simple navigation. There are three news feeds in the app:

  • Popular – here you can see the most viewed pictures, comment on them, and follow their authors.
  • Following – all the users’ accounts, followed by you, as well as a PicMix Team account will be displayed in this section.
  • Trending – using # hashtags allows to see the most popular thematic feeds you’re interested in.

Moreover, all the tags applied to a photo are the visual ones. That’s why you may tag friends, pets, wardrobe items, hairstyle, places on the snap, etc. It’s funny enough, but it’s important to feel the point of no return when your photo turns out to be a set of writings or brand names.

Apply Stickers, Filters, Text, and Frames to Photos

Collage Creation

Collages are the main part of the app’s functionality. One may join up to 9 pictures in one, using various layouts. Collages may be placed into one of the frames offered – standard or graphic. A part of frames are topical ones and dedicated to some special occasions (Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.). What is more, anyone can create a unique frame by moving its borders to the needed extent and adjusting it in the way one likes. Each part of the collage may be edited separately with various tools using: adjusting brightness and contrast, changing borders and corners, adding text, rotating, cropping, etc.

To get the additional attachments, visit the Store where you’ll find frames, stickers, patterns, and even whole packages of content. We should pay tribute to PicMix, because the vast majority of content in the Store is free of charge.  

When the photo is ready, share it with others within the service or in the social nets via simple procedure and wait for likes and comments. You won’t miss any action with your images due to notifications.

Photo Battles

Every user has a chance to take part in the photo contests arranged by PicMix team. As a rule, such battles are thematic with defined terms of participation and real prizes such as gadgets, tickets and so on. This distinguishes the app  from others which may offer you some paid options for free, at the most. Bear in mind that such contests aren’t always the international ones. Sometimes they’re country-specific and this is a possible explanation of the fact you don’t see any active battle at the moment.

Participate in PicMix Photo Contests

Other Advantages

The app is becoming better and better with each new update. And the fact that the new version is an ad-free proves this. Indeed, all the advertisements were removed from PicMix to please its users.

It must be noted that PicMix has one more trump card in its arsenal – web version. The latter doesn’t copy the full app’s functionality, but gives users an opportunity to get acquainted with some features and see the top users, their photos and comments. There one will also find a real-time statistics of the total amount of users and photos shared. Actually, it’s only a catch, but to tell the truth, the numbers impress.

But this is not the end of the app’s capabilities. You can do almost the same operations with video files, too! Just make a short film, apply a filter, set borders and a cover page, etc.

The last feature we would like to talk about doesn’t relate to the basic model of a photo editor. PicMix provides you with the means to send someone a message. It may be just a compliment for a person you liked or a friendship request, etc. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get an answer and may even start regular chatting with him/her.

General Verdict

We must also warn you of one issue: downloading PicMix Collage Photo Maker on your Android device triggers a complicated mechanism with all the consequences. We mean spending hours and days for improving one’s photos is an exciting and addictive activity. The app has a great potential and a cool functionality to try on. It  stands out of the crowd and the number of negative comments about it online is approximately zero.

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