Piece of Cake: How to Use Google Image Search on Android

Piece of Cake: How to Use Google Image Search on Android on Freepps Top Blog

I adore cakes and about one week ago my sweet passion had me struggling for a while. Wanna know why?

Love at first sight

I was scrolling my Facebook feed in the morning as usually when I suddenly froze.
I saw a cake.
It was a beautiful volcano-like cake snow-capped with glossy cream slowly flowing down only to mix with melted Nutella at the bottom. I couldn’t let my finger just swipe further. I had to find this cake.

But I had no ideas on how to do this. The entire post was in Portuguese, and Google translate defiantly distorted most of the text. So I did not know the name of this wonderful cake and couldn’t even describe it properly. Thus I made a screenshot and decided to use Google image search and that’s where the real trouble started 

I didn't know how to do an image search on Android.

Searching images with your Android

Imagine that you have a picture in front of you and need to know what’s in it. For instance, I had the screenshot of the cake and was looking to get its recipe. So I tried to find it by describing the alleged ingredients, shape, color but nothing worked out. The Google search results rather baffled me, than gave any hints. Therefore, I had to upload this screenshot and look for the recipe by reverse image search because no words could help me. But before I tell you how I found the cake, let me explain you shortly what is a reverse image search exactly.

Google reverse image search is a service that lets you upload a new picture or locally stored one and search for visually similar images. So it shows you all the web pages with pictures that look like yours. You can also find where and when the image was posted first. Google reverse image search is an incredibly helpful feature on the desktop, but for some reasons, it’s not available on mobile devices. But I’ve found a few ways how to Google image search on Android!

Reverse Search by CTRLQ.org

Amit Agarwal is a web developer who designed several popular Google Apps Script and Add-ons. The Reverse Search tool is one of them and lets you do an image search in a few simple steps. Here is how it works:

Step 1. Go to the site from your mobile device, click the "Upload Picture" button and choose any desired photo or take a new one.

Step 2. Once the photo is uploaded, you can choose to show matches or pick another picture.

Step 3. After you click on the “Show Matches” button, you’ll be redirected to Google Image Search and see all the results.  

Using third party app

You can do a reverse image search on Android via third party apps as well. There is a plenty of them, so you will have what to choose from. I’ve tried Search By Image by Palm Team and Image Search by Qixingchen. Using them is simple and you’ll need basically the same steps:

Step 1. Install the app of your choice from https://freepps.top/.

Step 2. The app gives you the same two options: taking a new picture or uploading a saved photo.

Step 3. Select your image and tap a search icon. The app will automatically find visually similar images to one that you’ve uploaded or a website that has this image.

The end of sweet suffering

All third party apps are similar and have some additional features like a photo customization before uploading, ability to choose several images at one time and even load pictures in the background. However, using the add-on and apps, I found just the cake’s name - VULCÃO DE NINHO COM NUTELLA. By the way, it might sound beautiful if I knew how to pronounce it. But, unfortunately, I didn’t get any direct links with its recipe. Anyways, with the cake’s name, it wasn’t hard to find the recipe manually which I did eventually. The result didn't disappoint me and I’m going to make this cake again shortly.

So, now you know what to do if the familiar scenario happens to you and if there is any chance you speak Portuguese or have your own recipe of VULCÃO DE NINHO cake, let me know in the comments!

Ashley Carter


Wordlover, sketch artist and aesthetics admirer @freepps_top

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