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Pinterest Redesigns iOS App on Freepps Top Blog

The Pinterest app got its long overdue update today, albeit for iOS only so far. The changes are incremental, and there's nothing drastic enough to make you think it's a different app altogether.

To company calls the look "modernized" and stressed that the new look will let you concentrate more on pins instead of stuttering scrolls. Pinterest will now allegedly be up to 3 times faster, and the increase in responsiveness is said to be tenfold.

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Other additions include a new set of colors, and there will be 300 of them now, all matching current design and brand colors, as well as new icons, transitions and animation.

The most important change, however, is Pinterest's new framework, which will allow for a faster update rollout. Let's hope these won't hit us every two weeks from now on.

To appeal more to the international base hoarders and followers, Pinterest now packs support of different alphabets, including Cyrillic and Kanji, as well as an impressive set of 31 supported languages.

The company stated that the first wave of updates will arrive on iPads and iPhones, followed by Android devices and the web version.

Have you tried the updated Pinterest app? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • D
    1 year ago
    After update Printerest works really fast! Now I can use Cyrillic. It is more comfortable for me than English.
  • A
    1 year ago
    This app has become to work more quikly than it worked earlier. Now there are many new functions in this app. For example, new language is created as a Cyrillic and Kanji and other thirty one language.
  • S
    1 year ago
    The previous version was nice too, but this one is much better. I should update it immediately, Pinterest is one of my faves.
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