Are You Pinterested In Saving On Deals And Offers?

Are You Pinterested In Saving On Deals And Offers? on Freepps Top Blog
What did you think Pinterest is for? Just saving recipes, instructions and items you’d like to have? There’s something more to this service now. In December, Pinterest announced its new feature that can totally transform its mission.

Now you will get notified when you save something for sale as a pin. When the item gets cheaper in the shop you’ll receive an email and, of course, an in-app message about price dropped. And yes, you can purchase it straight from the Pinterest app.

Well, now we have another great tool for tracking deals and offers. The company announced it back in summer, and this feature finally works. It’s hard to imagine how great Pinterest’s support of online shops and stores has grown for those six months. The platform allowed retailers to add “buy” button to the pinned version, and they didn’t miss that chance to keep their presence in such a popular app.

Every day, about a million items get prices dropped.

Every day, about a million items get prices dropped. And you can get notified about it in your app if you have pinned them. Even more: you don’t have to leave the app to make your order and your payment!
The platform may go through serious changes due to this new feature. It may become less of a hobby club and more of a shopping search engine. Another recent update of the app allows image searching optimized for shopping needs.

And if you prefer not to order delivery but to come and see items yourself, you can pin places on the map and save them as travelling points. So welcome to the new Pinterest era.

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    1 year ago
    I use Pinterest every day. Every liked dish, or a photo of the interior I keep in albums. So I get the inspiration for your life
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    2 years ago
    With the app is very simple and convenient to operate. Now it will be much easier to monitor and to make purchases
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