Pokemon Go Christmas Updates: What to expect

Pokemon Go Christmas Updates: What to expect on Freepps Top Blog

If you look for a reason why Pokemon Go couldn’t maintain its strong early momentum, the educated guess would be about the lack of new content and scarce updates. But now they can’t ignore Christmas — who would dare anyway?

Pokemon Go developer Niantic, Inc. is fully aware of the shortcomings as they gave the updates a go early this month and announced even more to come.

Santa Hat Pikachu

You don’t want to miss Pikachu wearing Santa Hat. It should be your priority now as it’s been available since December, 12. and stays out until December, 29 covering the whole of the Christmas period.

Niantic assures its fans that the special edition character will appear in large quantities, and, besides, if you are a skillful player there is an exciting challenge to make it evolve into Raichu wearing the same festive hat.

As an experiment, we went for a walk to catch some “Santachu,” and despite it took us only a short time to locate it, the catch itself wasn’t that easy with a plenty of throws, a nice Razz Berry and a curving Great Ball involved.

The Pokemon Go Christmas events have just begun, so there's enough time to head out and catch yourself the cutest present on this holiday.

Baby Pokemon

Christmas updates are not limited with a Pikachu and his adorable hat. Another major update Niantic presented are seven baby Pokemon, including:

  • Cleffa;
  • Elekid;
  • Igglybuff;
  • Magby;
  • Pichu;
  • Smoochum;
  • Togepi;
  • Electabuzz;
  • Jigglypuff;
  • Magmar;
  • Pikachu;
  • Jynx;
  • Togetic.

The only way you capture these babies is by hatching Pokemon eggs. And since they come as an addition to existing hatchable Pokemon, there is no guarantee of receiving a baby by hatching just any egg. However, if you are an experienced Pokemon Go gamer, you should have already trained an excellent patience skill, haven’t you?

This set of new Pokemon is a part of announced second generation, which means that more Pokemon are coming soon. Christmas is going to be fun, so stay tuned and don’t miss any Pokemon Go updates.

Have you already tried to catch a Christmas Pikachu and Baby Pokemon? How difficult was that? Let us know in a comment section below.

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