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Without a doubt, over the last six weeks or so you have seen people going crazy over Pokémon Go. This game has taken over the mobile world like an avalanche and is proving to be one of the most effective, addictive and enjoyable games within the Pokémon circle ever. However, like any other mobile app, it can be a bit tough to figure out. Not sure how to master Pokémon Go? Then check out this FAQ to get a grip on how it works!

1. What is Pokémon GO?

This is a mobile app that takes on the world of Pokémon, the famous Japanese anime series. It's about being a Pokémon trainer; someone who captures the wonderful creatures that inhabit this world. Then, you train them against other Pokémon and wait for them to grow up and get stronger. 

The idea is simple, and with this app, you'll be alerted to nearby Pokémon and trainers. Then, you travel there in the real world and start catching new Pokémon, making friends, and being the best trainer that you can be. 

Map and Virtual Reality

2. How much does Pokémon GO cost?

Just like any other app on our website - absolutely nothing! You can play it without having to spend a cent on it. However, to get certain items in the game to make your life easier, you will need to use certain items to do so, and these things will cost you actual real-life money.

For example, you could spend money on the following:

Incense is used to give you a greater chance of luring wild Pokémon directly to you. For 30 minutes, Pokémon can make their way over to you and leave you waiting for them instead of having to run around chasing mobs.

Lucky Egg
Lucky Egg Pokémon are great selections as they are typically filled with great bonuses. For one, they can increase the rate that you get XP for more than half an hour which is an excellent addition.

Egg Incubators
People buy the Egg Incubator because it offers an easy way to incubate eggs as you walk. Breaks are using it three times, so be careful! 

Lure Modules
Lure modules are quite popular as they attract Pokémon to a PokeStop for a 30-minute period. Other people around the PokeStop also benefit from using this, too, so you can do the community a favor! 

These all cost anything from $0.99 to $100 depending on what you want. They cost PokeCoins in-game, which means you use the real life money discussed above to make the purchases possible. 

In-Game Purchases

3. When is Pokémon GO coming out?

It's already here – you just need to log onto the app store for your particular smartphone and download it. Keep in mind it does take a pretty strong smartphone to use it, so don't be disheartened if it's beyond you – Pokémon Go is pretty high-end as far as phones go. 

Also, the game may not be available in your country just yet, so brace yourself and wait it out.

4. I can't access or download Pokémon GO - what to do?

The easiest solution is to download it from the app store if you come from the US, UK, Germany, New Zealand or Australia. However, if you want to use it in another country then you go beyond the norm and download it as an .apk file. To do this you have to set your device to allow you to install third party software in your settings.

Then, you need to look for an .apk file itself. Just Google search and find one that you can trust, and download the Pokémon Go app from there. Since it's totally free you aren't circumventing anything by doing so. 

From there you should be able to install it before it gets to your country – when it is finally released, your .apk should be updated to reflect that meaning you can keep all of that progress, too! 

5. How to play Pokémon GO

The game itself can be quite complex to play – there's lots of little features that you need to learn to mess around with. We'll give you the rundown below but for those who want a more comprehensive take on this, we recommend that you check our tips here ( Pokemon tips). 

If you have ever played the Nintendo video games for Pokémon before then you should feel quite at home when this lands. Basically, you download it, start it up, and make an avatar. Designing your avatar is really easy and gives you some good looks to choose from.

You'll be taken through a basic gameplay video tutorial that shows you how to get around the basic features of the game, like throwing Pokeballs. Then you are sent off to get your first Pokémon, which will be a Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. You also get to use the ‘augmented reality' feature which is the staple of the game. 

If you want to be more diverse than your friends, by the way, you go and capture a Pikachu at the start instead. Walk away from the trio listed above when they first appear until they vanish. If you repeat this four times, then a Pikachu is presented instead. It's quite tough to do but if you look around and keep trying you should find it easy enough.

Now, the rest is up to you – this is super easy to play, it just takes a bit of getting used to as the style of the game is still quite new. 

Things you need to catch them all

6. What is PokéDex?

Basically, the PokéDex is a tool that you are going to be using to make your Pokémon understood. It's like a dictionary that you fill in, with the Pokémon being the blank words. When you find one it will be delivered to the Dex and then you can check back to find out more details about it in the future.

It's easy and useful to get used to and should make it simple enough to mess around with your Pokémon whilst also learning about the various skills that they hold. Use your PokéDex regularly to keep yourself on track with what your Pokémon is like, and what kinds you need.


Pokemon GO is a hot topic right now, and many people jump on the bandwagon without knowing what to do. These are the most asked Pokemon questions, so feel free to help your friends and other people master the poketrade by sharing this article!

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