Pokemon Go Permanently Bans Cheating Players

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When it comes to online games, some people just can’t play without cheating as they want to achieve the best results possible in the shortest terms and without any effort. With thousands of people playing Pokémon Go all over the world, it’s only natural that some users prefer to take a shortcut instead of catching all the digital monsters fairly. Developers of Pokémon Go decided that such behavior in unacceptable as it ruins all the fun for other players who play without cheating.

How the situation can improve? 

Any Maps and Radars are Illegal Now

According to Niantic, developers made a decision to permanently ban accounts of those Pokémon Go players that use various optimization tools, location spoofers, and additional Pokémon-tracking maps that help them hack the game and get the best results. Other things that users will be banned for include using emulators and accessing the clients of Pokémon Go in any unauthorized way using the software created by third parties. Previously, accounts that have been accused of cheating were banned temporarily, but now the rules have become stricter.

While the gaming world has always been filled with people using different hacks, tricks, and cheats, it’s certainly not fair to those who play without additional software. In such a way, it’s understandable that developers want to ensure that all players have an equally enjoyable experience. At the same time, it’s still difficult to tell how Niantic plan on detecting cheaters. If you are ever banned but you’re convinced that you haven’t done anything wrong, you have an opportunity to appeal a ban.

What do you think about such extreme measures? Will this approach minimize the number of cheaters? Feel free to leave your comments below, as we are interested to find out what you think.

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