Pokemon Go Insists On Safe Driving

Pokemon Go Insists On Safe Driving on Freepps Top Blog

Whether you’re someone who plays Pokémon Go or not, you have probably heard about a number of incidents when inattentive players run into all kinds of troubles, including car crashes. Only recently the driver from Australia crashed into a school while catching pocket monsters and another player from Baltimore ran into the policeman’s car. Some countries have already expressed their concerns about the game and work on introducing new laws to deal with people who don’t pay attention to the road while driving.

What has been added to the application?

Pokmon Go Reminds You Not to Play While Driving

Because of the recent events, Niantic has decided to introduce a new feature to the game for both iOS and Android devices, which reminds users not to play the game while driving. Now the application is able to detect whether you’re moving too fast and if it is the case, you will see a message saying that you should not play Pokémon Go while driving. Below the message there is a button that you should click to confirm that you’re a passenger in the car. Unfortunately, there is no way of telling whether a player is telling the truth, which means that the most reckless players can easily skip the message and continue driving. Hopefully, it will still make users think twice before engaging in such a dangerous activity.

When it comes to making it harder to play a game while driving, this update can be considered a second attempt of the company. Before adding the notification feature, developers reportedly limited the scan radius and scan refresh rate of Pokémon Go. The purpose of these changes was to make it more difficult to spot digital monsters in a fast-moving car.

Do you play Pokémon Go? Do you think the new feature will be effective? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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