Pokemon GO Tips: 5 Things You Need To Know

Pokemon GO Tips: 5 Things You Need To Know on Freepps Top Blog

Pokemon Go is the most popular mobile game to ever be released and there's a lot to learn about the game. The community is dedicated to sorting through the information and helping to share some of the tips with both new and more experienced players.

While there's plenty to learn, here are the top 5 tips to help players make the most out of their early game experiences.

1. Turn off AR

Augmented Reality in Pokemon Go

For some players, the Augmented Reality Pokemon captures are one of the best things about the game but sadly it's just not practical. Playing the game with AR turned on will drain the battery much faster which means less play time, in addition to this it's actually harder to capture Pokemon. 

When trying to catch a Pokemon on the standard non-AR screen you're free to walk and play while also easily being able to see the throwing distance. 

With AR, players need to be rooted to one location with their phone pointed at the Pokemon. It's a great feature but it's not very practical for Pokemon hunts.

2. Eevee name trick

This neat trick has been officially confirmed. While Eevee evolution is random in the game, it's possible to control the first evolutions by giving the Pokemon a specific name. This comes from the Pokemon episode with the four brothers.

To get a Flareon you just need to name it “Pyro”, for a Vaporeon name it “Rainer” and for a Jolteon it needs to be named “Sparky”. Once it has evolved the name can be changed.

3. Favorite Pokemon

While the recent update has done a lot to damage the game, there was one addition that's extremely useful. Niantic tweaked how favoriting Pokemon works which has actually made it much more useful.

When transferring a large amount of Pokemon is can be easy to misclick onto the one you wanted to keep and as long as it's been favorited there's no way to accidentally transfer it. 

Before starting a transfer session just favorite the Pokemon you want to keep and there's no chance of removing it from your collection.

4. Don't waste Pokeballs

Catching a Pokemon

It can be tempting to use up all the Pokeballs to capture a particular pesky Zubat or Pidgy just so that you can transfer into candy, but this is a bad idea. 

Don't waste any type of Pokeball trying to get a low level or common type of Pokemon; there's nothing worse than finding a rare or a high-level Pokemon after using up everything while trying to catch a 10CP Pidgy.

5. Pokemon on the map.

If you can see a Pokemon on the map with your avatar then it's possible for you to catch it; just tap the Pokemon regardless of the distance. When the phone buzzes always make sure you spin the screen
around for a look. 

Once you've tapped the Pokemon to bring up the capture screen, there's no need to stop moving. As long as the game is on the capture screen the Pokemon can be caught regardless of physical distance.

The Rundown

As your journey as a Pokemon Trainer progresses further, you'll start to notice more and learn about the different aspects of the game; keep an eye on the community to always stay up to date with information about game changes, Pokemon nests and to learn about what Pokemon are good for gyms.

Always remember these core 5 tips as you explore the world looking for Pokemon and be sure to visit different areas to find new types!

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