Preferring Calls: 5 Dialer Apps for Your Android Smartphone

Preferring Calls: 5 Dialer Apps for Your Android Smartphone on Freepps Top Blog

Trying to recollect the messenger apps in our memory, we don’t exert ourselves as there are plenty of them in our catalog. They are so numerous because today people prefer communication in a form of sending text messages, photos, and emoji than simple old-fashioned calling.

There is a quite obvious explanation for this phenomenon: such a method of information transmission is always a successful one, especially, if a person can’t talk at the moment. However, calling still remains an integral part of our everyday and routine use of the phone, even in this era of ubiquitous typing. 

Thanks to the open character of the Android OS, every user has an opportunity to customize his device by installing third-party apps, which make our phones unique and our user experience more comfortable.

The latter may be applied mainly to the dialer as it looks rather “raw” on the majority of devices, as a rule. The number of users who prefer the built-in dialers is too small. That’s why the others search for an alternative.

We decided to simplify the task for you and examined it by themselves for finding the best dialer apps. We’ve picked the five of them, taking into account such criteria as functionality, design, user-friendly interface, and speed. What’s more, all of them are available at no cost.

Ready Contacts + Dialer

Ready Contacts + Dialer Main Features

In search of Material Design among the phone dialers, you will be led to the Ready Dialer app. It’s very responsive and handy. You should only log in with your Google account and it will automatically synchronize your contact list. What’s more, the app is integrated with WhatsApp, Hangouts, Viber, and Messenger, allowing you to start chatting just from the contacts app.

Still, it isn’t completely free, and that is the reason you should pay for the predictive T9-style calling and themes. The Pro version also contains a decent ringtone pack for making every call sound differently. This subscription removes all the advertisements, too. 

Lifehack: You may get all the premium features for free, following these steps:

  • Invite your friends to the app, sending them your personal code (you will find it at the top of the screen within the Pro Features Menu).
  • Get 1 point for every person who installs the app using your code.
  • Collect points (their total number may be found in the Pro Features menu).
  • You’ll need 10 points to unlock each premium feature, except ad-free mode, which requires 5 of them.

Zero Dialer

Functionality of Zero Dialer App

Zero Dialer may boast of a very nice-looking and clean design, which looks like from Kitkat’s era a bit. Beside the main function, this dialer app will provide you with some additional opportunities as, for instance, speed dial and undesired calls blockage. Moreover, in case you own a larger device, you’ll appreciate the one-handed mode, which allows sliding the keypad to the preferred side of your smartphone. 

The presence of the app will be almost unnoticeable for the phone’s storage as it “weights” only 1.5M. Besides, it has a super fast T9 dialer and supports over 8,000 of Dual SIM devices and 50+ languages of the world. Customization may be fulfilled via applying of colorful and beautiful themes.


Phone App Screenshots

This is the very situation when simplicity makes beauty. Though the official Google’s Phone app isn’t rich in multiple features, but it does its basic functions well, being wrapped into a nice design. With the latest update, the app has got options for identification of the caller and blockage of the unwanted users.

Moreover, it offers smart finding of various places you may need together with their phone contacts and opening hours so that you may call at once (it’s the app by Google, so it can’t but contain some searching features, you know). In general, this is where the functionality of the Google’s dialer ends.

Note: The Caller ID and Call Blocking features are available on Marshmallow only. 


Truedialer’s Short Manual Screenshots

Who hasn’t heard of Truedialer? It’s a real veteran in this niche, being a real wizard, who somehow fills the blank positions in your call log (names, photos, etc.). So, you’ll unlikely see any unknown contacts in your call history ever again. Actually, it just takes this information out of the immense built-in Truedialer’s database, consisting of more than 2 billion users. This also means that users can easily search for the small local businesses around, using the smart T9 service. The options for blocking spam and unwanted calls as well as birthday reminders are also “baked” into the dialer app. 

Note: You should be aware of the fact that the app requires an Internet connection for you to search numbers in the Truedialer’s database.


Swiping-Based Drupe Dialer in Action

If you are still looking for your dream dialer, you should pay your attention to Drupe Contacts and Dialer app. It’s a very intuitive and swipe-based dialer, which promises to make all the iPhone users really jealous. Indeed, we should pay tribute to drupe, as it truly offers completely different user experience, rejecting the concept of a traditional phone book. 

Your favorite contacts may be reached from the home screen via the special semi-transparent icons that look like the Facebook Chat’s ones. The idea is about dragging and dropping the contact icons (placed left) to one of the applications from the customized list. The latter may include fast and smart drupe’s dialer, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Facebook, Skype, and any other mobile app you may use for keeping in touch.

With drupe you’ll need only one swipe to contact someone, that simplifies the whole process greatly. 

Furthermore, the users may enjoy group communication throughout the different apps and track the history of all the recent contacts through the unified feed - one for all the apps. Add here birthday reminders and little effect on the battery and you’ll get a perfect dialer app for your Android!

Final Note

Of course, if you’re not a “heavy-caller”, you may be pretty happy even with a standard built-in dialer on your mobile device, which is quite good, actually. However, full customization is a nice habit, which makes us always look for something perfect, particularly, for a more powerful and multifunctional alternative. So, whichever dialer application you’re going to choose, we’re eager to know why you prefer it.

Share your thoughts and past personal experience on the topic in the comments!

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    Standard dialer app is the best for me, all other are bad for my old Android smartphone, that's a pity
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    Very good selection of programs of this type. I am personally not satisfied with the standard application, and these have a lot of functions.
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