Public Speaking For Cardboard To Help You Fight Your Fears

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Even if you prefer communicating through computer networks, sometimes you’ll need to speak in public. Maybe you’re a geek planning a new startup, and then you’ll have to present it to potential investors. 

Maybe you plan on being a politician, a manager, a school or university teacher, someone who has to speak to a real physical audience a lot. 

Anyway, you’ll have to speak up loud in your company, at celebrations and parties, with your drink in your hand and all eyes on you.

But there’s sometimes that kind of fear that makes us forget our thesis, stutter and feel awkward like nowhere else. If you feel this, take a deep breath and relax: it’s OK, you’re not the only one. 

Even the famous Demosthenes had the same problems with talking to audiences, and still he has become a speaker we remember through centuries.

Well, Demosthenes had his noisy Greek seashore to practice at. Today we can’t afford going to the sea every time we need to rehearse a speech. But you can try virtual audience with Public Speaking app. 

You’ll feel like you’re in a filled room, and people around you react to what you say. Public Speaking for Cardboard is the app that will provide you public experience.

The VR's Speech

Make sure you’re alone in your room. Insert your phone, launch the app and put your headset on. Don’t forget about earphones: the sound adds much to your sensation. You’ll find yourself in a new environment. 

And you can select a stage that resembles your real audience the most. Thus, you’ll be prepared to look into the real people’s eyes. The environment the app provides can change, but in all its variability it brings you in front of the audience listening.

Public Speaking VR app

The developers recreated a big conference hall in San Jose with 300+ people and a small Oxford classroom with about 15 listeners, but the essence is the same.

First, you will feel scared of these images as if they were real people examining your speech. Don’t be. They are friendly as they're mimicking and moving here. Speak to them any wildest or reasonable things. Get used to seeing faces in front of you.

The most interesting feature of Public Speaking for Cardboard is adding your real slides to the presentation you’re running. So you can prepare for a certain event you’ll be at. This will help you fight your phobia and feel self-assured on the scene. 

All you need to do is:

  • save your slides as .jpg images
  • copy the files into /VirtualSpeech directory on your device,
  • wait for the app to fetch them
  • enjoy the process.

Public Speaking VR app

The experience won’t be full if you don’t use all VR possibilities. Look left and right, up and down. Try to establish a connection with the place you’re in. If you manage to do it in a virtual, imaginary space, you’ll be great at it in reality.

The app by itself indicates that VR starts to find better ways of usage than simply gaming and excursions. 

The virtual 360 environments can be used for psychological purposes, first of all for training. And Public Speaking for Cardboard seems a perfect example which justifies buying a headset.

What are you thoughts about this app and the whole VR trend? Let us know in the comments!

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    5 years ago
    Cool idea! haha
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    5 years ago
    I always feel a fear when I need to speak in public. And perhaps the Public Speaking app will help me. Heaven knows I need it very much.
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