Pull Out Your Magic Wands Like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Already Here

Pull Out Your Magic Wands Like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Already Here on Freepps Top Blog

Welcome to a brave new world of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game. The world is rather familiar and dearly beloved by many magicians and even muggles like us. It is based on the Harry Potter saga and designed by Pokémon Go developers. This combination promises to be explosive and unpredictable, like the release of the game that came out one day earlier.

What to expect from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

Though many of us simply want to scream of joy from such news, let’s not lose our head like Nearly Headless Nick, and check out what the game is about. There is a spectacular official trailer where we may see a mobile game similar to Pokémon Go. But instead of catching Pokémons, here we can use various spells fighting with Death Eaters or using an old boot as a portkey.

Both Android and iOS versions are already available for the US players. The main task of players is to collect as many magical artifacts as possible, traveling in the nearby areas and checking everything with your phone, like it was in Pokémon Go. Niantic and Portkey Games, the Warner Bros. Games subsidiary announced the release on June, 21 in the USA and the UK. The US citizens are not the first who receive the game, as its beta version was tested on Australians and New Zealanders in May.

Why was Harry Potter: Wizards Unite released earlier?

It is not actually a unique or really unexpected situation in the world of mobile games. Apparently, developers consider the time difference in various regions and want everything to be ready for the main launch announcement. So, don’t waste your time on conspiracy theories, just go and play the game! Share your impressions from the game below.

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