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PushBullet: Send Anything To Yourself on Freepps Top Blog
It’s become a common thing now to have a personal park of smart devices. A PC or a laptop - maybe both; a smartphone or two and a tablet make a regular set for today’s active user. So sometimes it becomes a problem to exchange data between devices. For example, you’ve found a movie while surfing on your phone and intend to download and watch it on your laptop. Or you ran into an interesting recipe and want to cook it in your kitchen, so it’s better to have it open on your smartphone or tablet than on a PC.

PushBullet is a service designed for exchanging data between one user’s devices. It supports a wide variety of devices, operational systems, and applications, first of all browsers. You can use PushBullet with:
· Android (4.0.3 or higher)
· iOS (7.1 or higher)
· Windows XP/7/8/10 (beta)
· Web browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) for all available platforms

The primary feature of PushBullet is sharing content from any connected device to any other one. You can send web links, text fragments, locations, files (up to 25 MB) from any of your devices to any other authorized one. After you find the page you want to share in your PC browser you can share it with your tablet using a browser extension (and vice versa).

Another great feature is SMS integration. Now you can see the messages your phone receives on your PC screen (while using a browser with PushBullet extension) and reply to it from your PC. PushBullet works the same way with WhatsApp, Viber, and other mobile messaging services. If you install a standalone application you won’t need an extension or browser itself to get or send pushes. But Windows application is still “beta”.

You need a Google or Facebook account to authorize in PushBullet. All your “pushes” are stored in your cloud so you can resend them anytime later. No need to search for shared pages, places or texts again.
Mobile versions have their own features. For example, iOS version allows you to answer messages directly from lock screen.

There’s also something social about PushBullet. You can subscribe to some of numerous news feeds and get notified about new events immediately. And of course, you can connect your family or friends and share anything with them. All you need is their Gmail accounts you have to enter to connect them. After that, you can send links, locations and files directly to them.

PushBullet is easy and simple. But it’s one of those small services that can make a big change in your user experience.

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