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If you’re into the economy and financial news, you may know about the Quartz magazine. It has gone digital long ago and has been available in App Store and Google Play as an electronic magazine, looking quite like a usual newsfeed by the magazine site. But today it started to interact with readers in a new special and aggressive way.

What’s new in its app? It’s the form the news pieces are represented. The stories are written in an informal way as if you were informed by your friend.

What you see first is a small piece of text and an illustrating picture, so you see what it’s about and can select what to do with it. Tap the message to open the full story. And yes, you can answer these messages, and Quartz bot will react and send you more news or change the topic.

Quartz app

The edition has become quite original, it has more life inside. It’s OK to color up news with emoji, ask questions while interacting with you or invite you to a little quiz.

The messages for bulbs are not taken from the article’s text; they’re written specifically for the app with its colloquial style.

The messages for bulbs are not taken from the article’s text.

The developers say they consciously avoided trusting an AI with this, because that would kill the idea.

The app doesn’t stick you to Quartz news only. There are also other sources available, like Reuters or NYT. So the Quartz app is becoming something more than just an interface for Quartz news.

It really opens a new era in news representation, though we can only guess how popular it'll get in a year or two. One thing we know for sure is that this form attracts our attention better.

Intentions Edited by Reality

It’s been about a month since the app was released, so we can throw away the initial delight and look at pros and cons. There’s still ad-based support, there’s nowhere to run with it, and the developers had no such intention.

But even the ads share the app’s different perception and look like your friend recommends something to you. The personal attention is just an illusion, of course, but isn’t it stupid to complain about that in the virtual world?

A bit more serious thing is too much interactivity. If you want to fully control what to read, you’ll still have to act the old-school way. The Quartz app starts and finishes its conversations on its own, and doesn’t react when you want to change topics or learn more. But maybe that’s the point of the difference between business and entertaining purposes?

The app is available in App Store for iOS only, and Android users still have to read Quartz with Google Play Newsstand app. It’s not known yet whether Quartz will release its interactive app for Android. So far, Apple users will get the best experience, involving even Apple Watch if you have one.

When imagining the further development of the app - or rather, the service, we can expect it to integrate with popular messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber or Line. So you can create your groups to discuss the news, share them more efficiently, or use the service’s feedback with maximum comfort.

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