Reddit Introduces New Embed Feature

Reddit Introduces New Embed Feature on Freepps Top Blog

Those who enjoy random posts on Reddit can finally share the information on other websites thanks to the latest embed feature. 

If you’re an online blogger, journalist, or writer it means that you can enrich your articles and stories with the Reddit posts. 

In comparison to other social networking platforms, Reddit is known for more elaborate and insightful content, thus creating more opportunities for discussions.

What’s cool about this feature?

All you have to do if you want to embed the Reddit post that you find interesting is click the share button, which you can find near the comment link, and then the embed icon located on the right. By doing this, you will be able to see the embed code and a preview of the post.

At the moment, the feature is added to almost every post on Reddit, so you can take a fragment of code and add the images, videos, and posts on other blogs or news websites. 

Obviously, the people who will benefit from the feature the most are other online content creators. This way, they won’t have to rely solely on the screenshots and links from the website.

Are you a regular reader of Reddit? What are your thoughts on the new feature? Feel free to share your experience using the embed feature in the comments.

Ryan Kerr


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