Reddit Releases Official Android App, Shares Gold

Reddit Releases Official Android App, Shares Gold on Freepps Top Blog

There's a ton of free and paid Reddit-oriented apps one can install to be a part of the global redditing hype.

These apps have been available for a while now, and they differ in their approach and functionality, as well as their strategy in regard to different types of Reddit users.

Even though sometimes third-party apps may be shockingly well-made and versatile, official stock apps are special in a way, as they represent the original view of the very people who started the service, for the most part.

Most of the users today use the Internet on the go, mainly through their mobile devices, and not having a dedicated app is about to become criminalized in San Francisco this year (spoilers: it's not).

Enter The Reddit

Reddit, being a tremendously popular online community, surely understands the importance of mobile app as the chief source of traffic and revenue. The new mobile site isn't the sole mark of upping the ante, as the official Reddit Android app has finally been released.

Reddit officialReddit official

The app itself was well-awaited and thus there's nothing surprising about it, especially after its beta was leaked earlier.

While an improvement over beta in terms of stability and performance, the app does exactly what it need to be capable of - it lets you browse Reddit!

Things you can with the official Reddit app for Android are pretty basic and they include:

  • browsing reddits;
  • searching and subscribing to subreddits;
  • reading threaded comments;
  • posting your own links, pictures, stories and comments.

Additionally, you can customize the app with themes, including the night one and use different views.

Of course, there's a communication side to the app, as you get to have the Inbox folder, where you'll get notifications about incoming messages, mentions and replies.
And finally, the Inbox is where you'll see messages sent to you, mentions of your username, and replies to your posts and comments.

Get The Gold

An extra bonus for all the new users, you'll get three months of gold, but only if you download it within one week of the release date.

Go grab the app using the link below and get yourself some upvotes!

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    5 years ago
    I have waited for so long to get quick portable access to fresh memes and shitposting! Thanks mates.
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    5 years ago
    That’s my well-awaited app! At last! The Reddit Android app is that thing I'm waiting for! Now I can easier come to that social media network.
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    5 years ago
    I have waited for so long to get quick portable access to fresh memes! Thanks for ruining my life with complete leddit addiction.
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