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Everyone but my cat is talking about combatting procrastination, and there's a swarm of personal coaching programs and a neverending supply of motivational pictures on Facebook like "I'm vegan and I squat 250 lbs, what about you?". With such shots received, you're bound to make something of yourself, real pronto.

And of course, there are scores of apps that fill the demand for apps that will help you achieve your desired goal at getting better at whatever's trending these days (not Kanye West, though).

Remente is one of such apps, but there's something special about it.

Like a proper psychiatrist, it starts with general questions about things like:

All these will be sorted on a scale from 1 to 10.

Upon doing that, Remente will create a chart to show how you're actually doing now, and the picture may surprise you. To follow up, it will ask you to set your goals depending on your results and will break down your journey to them into steps that would be easy to handle.

This technique isn't new, as psychology studies show that people who set reasonable targets are more likely to reach them. Yep, it's about time to ditch that "Dream big or go home" motto.

Remente sets a tremendous focus on your mental well-being and the ability to recuperate properly. Studies show that depression is quickly becoming a serious threat to human health throughout the world, so literally any sort of help is quite welcome.

Mood Tracker

The feature called Mood Tracker lets you describe your feelings and monitor the patterns in your state of mind and emotions. It's nice to have an app that reduces your anxiety and stress for a change. It asks for a fresh glance at the way you use your device.

Another great thing about this function is the ability to trace your moods with heaps of data provided to see if there's something influencing you in a way.

Remente appRemente app

In case Instagram is not your source of inspiration, Remente gives you the Boosts tab, which contains scores of articles that will be handy when it actually comes to your self-improvement. They include entries like "Understanding your brain" and "How to listen properly". Not only it's mere reading - these articles describe practical ways of reducing stress and reaching your Zen.

Once you feel these are not enough, Remente will be there to offer a Premium subscription, which covers a further array of tips and lessons.

Developed in Sweden, the app isn't just another lap-made startup. The people behind Remente have solid experience behind their respective belts, and it includes training Olympic medalists, World Memory Championship coaches and a neuroscience Ph.D. Impressive, right?

While the app may scare some off due to its complexity and the initial learning curve, it will surely find its way onto the phones of the patient ones.

Chances are there's some room for improvement in your life, so give Remente a shot - it's free anyway.

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  • JN
    Jen Nguyen
    5 years ago
    I have been looking for something like this, looks pretty convenient and interesting to me.
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  • N
    5 years ago
    I am still overweight, but I don't have enough money to hire a dietitian who would control my weight. This app will help me to achieve my goals.
  • as
    ahram shalla
    5 years ago
    There are many applications showing your level of health and physical state, but it is difficult to find the application related to psychological state. So I think the mood tracker is a unique detail.
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