Roblox Overtakes Minecraft and Fortnite as World’s Most Popular Game

Roblox Overtakes Minecraft and Fortnite as World’s Most Popular Game on Freepps Top Blog

Roblox is the most popular game you’ve never heard of. This joke is currently circling around the video gaming community. This sudden humorous turn has been taken for a reason. The thing is, Roblox, this low-key free-to-play kids’ title, has now reached 100 M monthly active users, eclipsing such major competitors as Minecraft and Fortnite.

While playing Roblox, you design your own worlds and create new games to enable other community members further to access them via the Roblox official site. Roblox was launched almost 15 years ago and has gradually gained in popularity ever since. Younger video game fans are very much into playing Roblox on their PCs, Xbox One, and smartphones.

Roblox: Its Immersive Environments and Major Peculiarities

Roblox fantastic world

The Roblox game is a successful combination of sandbox and massive multiplayer. Needless to say that the game is obviously remotely inspired by Minecraft. Today, Roblox is significantly more popular than Minecraft among the Gen Zers and millennials. As a matter of fact, this shapes up a certain trend on the modern gaming scene: Roblox-like online hangouts are attracting an immense portion of attention from the younger players.

What makes Roblox stand out is its long-term mission declared by its founder, David Baszucki: ‘Bringing players from all over the world together through play’. Looks like the Roblox creators have finally reached their goal by creating a brand new genre of entertainment and interaction, also referred to as ‘human coexperience’.

The team behind Roblox has coined the ‘human coexperience’ term to describe the awesome online environments where players have fun, explore, chat, and communicate with one another. Here are the main peculiarities of the aforementioned immersive environments:

  • interactivity and creativity: both Roblox and Minecraft players build their own worlds within the games’ online playgrounds, enabling the rest of the player base to make use of these creations.
  • communication-oriented: titles like Roblox stimulate players to constantly socialize with other community members during gameplay. Because Gen Zers and millennials are used to communicating via social media apps, they love following the same interaction pattern when making the most of their top favorite video games.
  • collaboration-inducing: instead of battling and competing, users seem to prefer exploring virtual places with one another.
  • extensive accessibility: Minecraft is a paid title, but Fortnite and Roblox are free of charge. Furthermore, all three games are available on most platforms, such as a personal computer, Xbox One, tablet, and smartphone.

These immersive spaces don’t shower you with ads in their traditional form. Therefore, now is the perfect time for the top brands to start developing their brilliant strategies for targeting players who love hanging out within these ‘immersive environments’. Today, influencer marketing is probably the most effective way for advertisers to catch the attention of Roblox and Minecraft fans.

Roblox as the World’s Most Favorite Game: Your Opinion

What do you think about Roblox becoming the most popular game in the world? Have you ever heard of Roblox, to begin with? If you have, you’re very welcome to share your point of view with us in the comment box below. We’re always happy to hear from you, as well as read your opinion on the games we discuss. Let’s get the discussion going right here and right now. Your two cents matter.

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