Rotating Video Is Back In Google Photos

Rotating Video Is Back In Google Photos on Freepps Top Blog

You may have already noticed that Google tends to remove certain features after one of its services undergoes a redesign. Sometimes removing useless functions is a great idea as it makes everything work smoother and look less cluttered, but occasionally developers can also remove the features that people find quite useful. A similar thing had previously happened to Google Maps, but the features got added back, which is what we can now see with Google Photos.

Bringing back a rotating video feature

Rotating video feature now back in Google Photos

If you’re an active user of Google Photos, you were probably unpleasantly surprised that the function of rotating videos at 90° intervals has been removed from the service, but now it’s coming back. All you should do to use the feature is choose a video and click to edit it. Once you do that, the word “rotate” will appear below on your screen. But, you should know that the edit features can only be accessed on videos that are in your camera folder, which means that you can’t rotate the videos that have been downloaded or uploaded to your device. In such a way, if you want to use the rotating feature, you should edit the video before you upload it and delete its copy.

What do you think about this feature? What other features do you think have to be added to Google Photos? Let us know in the comments!


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