Say Goodbye To Free iTunes Radio

Say Goodbye To Free iTunes Radio on Freepps Top Blog

One of the most popular Apple’s music services, iTunes Radio, had gained its popularity due to its ad-supported free availability. Alas, this time comes to an end. Apple doesn’t want to support the service with ads anymore.

As of January, 29th, iTunes Radio is no longer available and it has become a part of paid Apple Music service. Thus, the iTunes app lost one of its most attractive free features. The Apple Music subscription fee is currently $10 a month, just like it was before. Well, the users worldwide will mostly feel no difference, as initially the service was only available in US and Australia.

The iTunes users have been warned about upcoming changes with an email on Friday, January 15th. Now they are unable to listen to automatically generated playlists based on their iTunes preferences. We’re holding our breath and waiting for news about Apple’s Beats 1 online radio.

Ad-supporting experiments are coming to an end, and users would have to pay for features.

After iTunes Radio becomes paid Beats 1 remains the only free musical service by Apple. But does the company plan to keep it free? Or will it share iTunes Radio’s doom?

The latter seems increasingly possible according to the fact that Apple gives up on its iAD App Network. It looks like Apple’s take on mobile ad network was not as successful as it would like it to see. That means that ad-supporting experiments come to an end, so users would have to pay for features.

We don’t think it will influence iTunes’ popularity in a long-term perspective. Apple device users still have no choice, no matter whether iTunes has its radio or not. And anyway, it will have no effect on users who had no chance to test this feature. And we still have Pandora and Spotify, but anyway, it's a pity.

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    5 years ago
    Best music program, in my opinion. I cannot live without music, so this app is for me! I advise all those who love high-quality sound. A big plus: large selection!
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    5 years ago
    This was a really good application, because you can listen to the radio when you're training, travel and just when you're home.
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