Serato Hits iOS With Pyro DJ App

Serato Hits iOS With Pyro DJ App on Freepps Top Blog

Brick and mortar companies hitting the app scene isn't something surprising anymore. Serato, a world-renowned DJ equipment company, has recently joined the pack by releasing an app called Pyro - not to be confused with Pyro Mini. The app is only available for iOS so far and it's basically an automated DJ which makes sure the music at your party never stops.

Pyro AppPyro AppPyro App

The app itself is rather straightforward - there are no gimmicky features, the app just makes the transition from one track to the next will be smooth and the tuneflow, if it's a word, will be steady. Just make sure the tunes are dance-appropriate and fit the part.

In a press-release-like statement, CEO of Serato AJ Bertenshaw informed the public about the tunes that would be easily digested by Pyro

"It's definitely dance music, hip hop, top 40s, and that kinda music that really this app is designed for and does an amazing job of. That's the kind of music you'd expect to hear mixed by a DJ."

Pyro is essentially one button, one action app - just tap the app open, press play and go with the flow. If you're a music junkie and own a premium Spotify subscription, it's easy to connect the two. Pyro will automatically choose songs to play after your playlist is through from the ones that are recommended in your Spotify account.

While it's automated and all, the app welcomes you to steer on your own and try your mixing talents out. The things you can pull off include:

  • combining existing playlists
  • reordering songs by dragging
  • sending songs to the top of the list

Essentially, it's DJing without learning turntables and switches. The app will make sure your tunes won't stutter while clutching so you can impress your guests with you mad skills. 

Serato has no intention of "going full Google" to replace the actual person behind the turntables with an app. The purpose of the app is to help you.

"The app works best when you have a few friends over and "no one wants to be the guy up there DJing to five people."

The app itself is free and it will run on your iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. There are plans for in-app purchases and transition to Android as well.

So far the app looks like an easy way into the DJ world, as it's layman-friendly and has a learning curve of next to zero. What a perfect app for an iPhone it may be! The reception has been friendly so far, and reviews include opinions like "wow" and "awesome". Hope you can do better than that in the comments below!

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