Share Documents With WhatsApp's Latest Update

Share Documents With WhatsApp's Latest Update on Freepps Top Blog

Having a simple and efficient way of sharing the documents with your friends and colleagues is definitely always welcomed. The latest WhatsApp update now gives us the opportunity to use the famous messenger to exchange PDF files.

It should be noted that to use this feature both you and the receiver should have the newest version of WhatsApp installed on your device.

How can you use this new feature?

To access this function, you should open the icon that has been added to the list of paperclip attachments. Now a new WhatsApp version doesn’t include separate icons for photos and videos to make room for the “document” icon, so you can use the one called “camera.” If you want to take a picture or shoot a video, you can choose from the two options in the tab when you open the “camera” icon.

All you should do to send the document is:

  •     have a friend who has the same version of WhatsApp
  •     tap the “document” paperclip
  •     find the PDF file that you want to send on your phone.

There will be a preview of the document visible in the chat, and the PDF that you receive from another user will be available in the “media” section of the menu.

This feature is undoubtedly extremely useful because you can quickly send a file that you need without having to open your email or other apps.

While at the moment we only have a chance to share PDF files, we should probably expect other file extensions to become available shortly. You can ask the questions or share your thoughts on the topic in the comments, and we’ll be happy to hear your opinion.

Antoine DeGrasse


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  • A
    5 years ago
    I thought that splendid app was no longer in need of improvements. However, the latest update showed that I was wrong.
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  • MK
    Max K
    5 years ago
    In my not humble opinion, WhatsApp is already one of the best messengers. This new feature will make it even better and more convenient for users.
  • c
    5 years ago
    Oh, finally this long-expected update! I'm really happy about the fact the developers do not forget about updating the messenger.
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