Shazam Adds Deeper Play Music Integration

Shazam Adds Deeper Play Music Integration on Freepps Top Blog

Just a reminder: shazam isn't a verb only, there's an app that actually gave the action a name. Exclamations aside, there's some news for music aficionados.

Today, the app announced deeper Google Play Music integration to suit the popular demand, yours truly included.

Now, upon successfully trying Shazam's magic on a song, you'll get a Google Play Music bar that will offer you to either:

  • listen
  • buy
  • or start a radio of this particular song.

The change is incremental and surely wouldn't be a game-changer, but it's coupled with another twist: you can create a radio channel from all the tracks you've recently shazamed.

Snazam appShazam

And there's another gainful addition to this Shazam update.

Hey, Red

As a promo offer, Google will let you subscribe to its Play Music service for a whole three months for just a dollar. Given the array of music you can find within the service,  it's alluring.

Moreover, this offer is coupled with an on the house YouTube Red subscription of the same duration, giving you a chance to enjoy ad-free streaming, with an option to save them for later.

Such integration will soon be unveiled for other streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Music.

Nevertheless, it seems like Android users would be more gently pushed to use Shazam specifically with Play Music.

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