Shazam For iOS Review: Hey, What's This Song Called?

Shazam For iOS Review: Hey, What's This Song Called? on Freepps Top Blog
It was a real curse of pre-computer era to hear the song you like and not to know its name or performer. If it was an actual hit you could probably run into it a bit later. But rare songs were really hard to identify and thus to find. Luckily now we have Shazam, a service so popular that its name is widely used as a verb.
This app is a client of an incredibly popular music recognition service. Its easiness and social features have made it a must have app. No need to listen to the radio for countless hours waiting for that flashing song again. Just be quick enough to start Shazam before it’s over! It’s easy as the app is available for your iPhone, iPad and even for Apple Watch. And it’s free, although it has ads.

Shazam main window

When the Song Is One Tap Away

Recognition process is as easy as can be. All you need is make sure the music is loud and clear enough. When you’re in a night club you’ll also care about not overloading. If the music is too loud it may cause distortion preventing it from being recognized.

But if music is clear and loud enough it’ll take seconds to recognize the track. It even doesn’t require high connection speed. Before recognition music is encoded into an AMR file as this format has been used by old recorders for voice recording. It only stores a narrow range of sound frequencies that’s responsible for human voice sounds. Surprisingly it’s enough to recognize tracks by short excerpts.

Of course the base of Shazam is enormous but still limited. It’s very – no, VERY – large, but the world of music is still larger. It’s especially hard with numerous club remixes that’s another issue with Shazam in clubs, especially when DJs don’t cling to chart hits. Well, that’s another reason to ask the DJ yourself about that great rocking track!

But most songs are still easy to identify. As the program is an international success, the base of Shazam contains not only worldwide mainstream but also popular local music. After Shazam recognizes the song you see its name, artist, and album with covers if available. You also get direct links to YouTube search results and if the song is available to iTunes where you can buy it with one tap. By the way, you van shazam even when you’re offline. After you get connected the app will automatically upload the recording and get the result.
Shazam has found it!

Music Is Such a Social Thing

But the great phenomenon of Shazam cannot be explained with its great work only. Another side of Shazam is its integration with the most popular Internet services of the world.

When you have identified the song you see on that page some other covers. Yes, the system has analyzed your selection and found out which songs have been most frequently bought along with the identified one. So there’s a good probability you’ll like the proposed songs as well. The artist gets more audience and you get more music.

Another option after recognition is sharing the song in your social media. First of all we think of Facebook. But you can as well tweet the song, email it to a friend, or share it on Pinterest or Google+. There’s even more: you can start your own radio on Pandora with this song (if you’re living in one of the countries where it works or you have found the way to jump over this obstacle) or play it on Apple Radio.

What people from the globe search on Shazam

In the 1990's and earlier it was surprising that tastes differ in certain parts of the world. Now you can easily know what people listen to in any corner of the world. There’s a built-in interactive map you can zoom to see tendencies in every country. Tap on the city to get the Shazam chart with the songs people search the most in this town. You can preview (or rather prehear!) the songs directly from the chart without opening.

Of course you’ll only see what people try to identify with Shazam, but it’s a good reflection of what’s on the radio and what’s played in the streets, clubs, cars, and other places. It takes a noticeable time for the map to load. When you tap on a Shazamed song on the map chart you see the same menu as if you have dealt with it yourself.

The Story of Your Memories

You don’t have to log in or register to use Shazam. But registering gives you some more opportunities. For example, you can store all your searches in your cloud account. You can access them from Shazam app or from web version of Shazam after authorizing.

Shazam stores your searches

Another great feature is news tab. After you have explored enough songs for making conclusions Shazam starts selecting news for you according to your preferences. For example if you have Shazamed some rap songs it will bring you news about hip hop and rap artists. So it is with rock, EDM or any other kind of music. There’ll also be the latest Shazam chart of your country.

Shazam selected news

There’s even one more step towards your favorite artists. Subscribe to their accounts to watch what they shazam and listen to the same music with your stars!

As we have said, today’s music is the message and the media at the same time. And services like Shazam are among the ways music bridges gaps between people.

The Bottom Line

Shazam is more than an app, it's a name and a way of living, and if you haven't tried it, rush and download it!

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