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This happened to all of us. A guy walks into a bar, a song is playing, he's having a great time and loves virtually every song aired, but shazaming all of them and writing it down isn't that convenient. 

Well, adios, "listen to identify", and farewell. 

But we're lucky to live in 2016, and Shazam came up with a solution. It's called Auto Shazam - what an apt name! - and it keeps listening at all times, provided you gave your permission. As long as you have it turned on, it identifies every song around. Like, literally all of them. Add the background mode and playlist creation and you get a marvel of a feature.

This is a great addition to what is already an amazing app, and it's likely to shift some users over from competitor apps like Sound Hound (cue sad "woof woof").

Identify This Song!Shazam For Android

Although this new Shazam option is awesome on its own, with zero time wasted staring at your screen, waiting to identify a track, it now also doubles as your music journal. You don't have to keep notes on account what was playing at that lowdown pub - the app will generate a list automatically. Pubs aside, parties, vacations and weddings also qualify.

Adios, "listen to identify", and farewell.

There are some things to be improved though, like generating a Spotify/Google Play Music playlist from the tracks you Shazamed, or just save the playlist in-app for later reference and casual note taking.

Nevertheless, even without the above added, this feature allows you to identify songs without much manual hassle. 

Get shazaming now and download the Shazam Android app through our catalog today.

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