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Showzee For iOS: Facebook, Instagram Mixed on Freepps Top Blog

At the end of 2014, the world got acquainted with Showzee for the first time. It was a startup created by UK students, introduced with the aim to help people turn their photos and videos into something more exciting - short “social stories” to share with others.

The main idea was focused on finding and following users’ accounts with similar interests. The app’s developers stated that it combined the simplicity of Instagram and the creative approach of Facebook.

Until the recent time, people could use only the web version of this new social platform, while the mobile app was expected to be released last summer. Perhaps, something went wrong and that is why the iOS app has entered the market only several days ago.

Showzee iOS App Screenshots

The main concept of Showzee is a mini story consisting of photos, videos and textual description, which describe the user’s personal experience. One can use up to 10 items max for one Showzee. 

The process of creating a story takes only a couple of minutes and doesn’t require any special skills. These stories may be created only within a specified category, containing additional locations and tags for easier search by people interested in this. 

Showzees are a kind of slideshows. That’s why they are represented by a single image in one's general feed. You can either press it to preview the others items or to tap it for the full-scale playback.

There is also a personalized newsfeed called ShowStream, which is built on the basis of your hobbies and interests, arranged into 40+ thematic categories: travelling, charity, celebrities, music, nightlife, IT, nature, cooking, fashion, etc. To find something specific, users may either browse within the chosen category or explore the trending content.

Showzee App for iPhone Key Functions

In case you've enjoyed someone’s story, you may comment and “spark” it as the evaluation system of the app doesn’t include simple likes or hearts. If the story really touched your soul, you can even repost it to your own feed, like on Twitter or Facebook, or share via synchronized social channels. 

Ordinary experiences belong on Facebook. Good experiences belong on Instagram. AWESOME experiences belong on Showzee

Actually, the app doesn’t represent any new idea but it’s designed a bit differently from others similar services. In a more global context, the Showzee app is about creating and exploring communities by interests. Following others and viewing their experiences have an inspiring effect, allowing you to discover new places and things to do.

Everyone has a story to tell and share with others; so, why wouldn’t you try to express yourselves and your passions with Showzee? The iOS application is already available for free for iOS 8.1+ devices, while the Android app is still on its way. The developer team promises to add a general chat about trending topics in the future.

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