Sims 4 Update to Add Personality Quizzes & Unlock New Items

Sims 4 Update to Add Personality Quizzes & Unlock New Items on Freepps Top Blog

The Sims 4 is about to celebrate its 5th birthday, and its developers want the game fans to know that the title is still alive and kicking. According to Maxis — the developer company — the unconventional next Sims 4 patch brings updated visuals to the video game, as well as innovative functionality such as a brand new mode within Create a Sim. What’s more, the update adds more than a thousand new catalog items!

Further Details on the Sims 4 New Patch

The new patch is going to be rolled out for both Mac and PC enthusiasts on July 16. Even by looking at the game cover you will instantly figure out that your familiar Sims have acquired new looks and style. The characters you used to play will still be available, no worries! In addition to this, the updated intros and an enhanced game menu will be revealed within the update as well.

The new patch will also bring a certain available-by-choice change in Create-A-Sim. You’ll still be able to create Sims as before, but a personality quiz will be added to spice up the process of developing a Sim’s personality, forming their traits, talents, and wishes. The game developers say that players will notice the difference in the game right after they begin playing it. And we believe them.

What Are Your Thoughts on the Upcoming Update?

How do you like the idea of the new Sims 4 patch? Will you give it a try now that you know it’s going to be released very soon? Share your thoughts with us and your fellow-gamers in the comment section below. Start the discussion and feel free to unleash your creative side. We enjoy receiving feedback from you, because we value your opinion greatly. Bookmark Freepps now for further reports and industry news.

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