Sims FreePlay Brings Fairytale With The Christmas Update

Sims FreePlay Brings Fairytale With The Christmas Update on Freepps Top Blog

The Sims FreePlay didn’t miss a chance to add some new features and entertain the Simmers for Christmas. The latest update takes us to the magical world of the fairy circle fields, leaky leaf canoe rides, beautiful rainforest landscapes, and a lot of other cool items, which surprisingly aren’t associated with Christmas.

The Magical Forest

The main focus of the update is the Magical Rainforest. But your characters won’t just happen to be there from the beginning as you have to take them across the sea first. The only way to do that is by using the Sea Voyage Boat.

Some experienced Simmers might remember this boat as the one to go to the Tropical Romance Island. If you tap on the boat, you will see two options: one will lead to the Island and the other to the Magical Forest. Hence, if you didn’t do the Romance Island quest before, the island option will simply remain locked.

Flowers Quest

These holidays’ quest is special as it brings to play another community event. Like it was with previous the Sims FreePlay updates with their Tropical Romance and Day Spa, you have to collect items to achieve community goals. This time the items are not fruits or gems, now you have to gather beautiful tropical flowers.

Simmers have personal and community progress to work on, and every personal goal unlocks constructor coins, social points, and, what’s even more valuable, areas in the Magical Forest.

What are your thoughts about The Sims FreePlay Holiday Update? How do you imagine Christmas Eve in the Magical Rainforest?

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