Evernote Ends Support For Clearly, Skitch

Evernote Ends Support For Clearly, Skitch on Freepps Top Blog
In a clear attempt to shake off the burden of less popular apps, Evernote announced that Skitch, a popular app for PDF markup and their browser extension Clearly will no longer be supported. The apps will not be available for download and are likely to stop receiving support after Jan, 22nd.

Apparently, these products were deemed too task-specific by Evernote. Also, their certain functions were integrated into the mother elephant app and Web Clipper, rendering them handy but not versatile.

The two will no longer receive any updates in an effort to "to focus on improving the core Evernote experience"

"As part of our promise to focus on improving the core Evernote experience, we are ending support for several of these standalone apps"

In an attempt to further explain the move, Evernote blog revealed that the apps would be taken off the shelves on January 22.

Evernote's Jack Hirsch pulled a Judas to wash the company's hands, saying "We are not turning these apps “off,” but external changes like updates to your operating system or browser may break features or functionality at any point in the future". Can't say that this is exactly reassuring for numerous current users.

Speaking of users, they were - and still are - disappointed by the move and poured it out in the comments. 

Are you insane?! Skitch is literally the only app I can use for certain forms of pdf and photo markup on my iOS devices. Are you trying to cut the number of users, let alone paying ones, by the hundreds of thousands? I suggest FINISHING the addition of features to Evernote *before* you drop those features on your most popular acquired apps.

Closing Clearly!! Why on earth, it’s a function I use multiple times per day, likely the best available in the market. Maybe it’s not marketed to it’s potential in that likely the userbase is not big enough for Evernote, but hey, I agree with Ann, are you wanting to estrange people from Evernote into the arms of OneNote?

Such reactions were easy to predict, and Evernote seemed apologetic, saying that they "realize fans of Clearly and Skitch may be disappointed and we don’t take these decisions lightly". 

To end this not-so-out-the-blue statement on a happy tune, Evernote stated that they've got big plans for 2016 and the goal is to make their main app better than ever.

We're certainly looking forward to this. Got anything to add to this story? Head for the comments section below!

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