Skype for Android Integrated with Office, Taught to Schedule Calls

Skype for Android Integrated with Office, Taught to Schedule Calls on Freepps Top Blog

Since its first years, Skype had all the chances to become a business standard, but new updates have made it even more business-oriented. The January update brings some fixes and two important features that will be useful both for business and for private users.

Microsoft seems to pay less and less attention to Windows Phone, but in the meantime the company tries its best to develop and upgrade its products for other mobile platforms instead. The update that recently came to Android devices integrates Skype with other apps is necessary for today’s conscious users.

What's new

  • Create calendar events
  • Open Microsoft Office files
  • Schedule calls

Recently Skype had been integrated with Slack. Now you can schedule your calls, so when the appointed time comes you see a reminding notification. You can select the calendar app you sync Skype plans with, let it be Google Calendar, Outlook (recommended by Microsoft, of course) or another calendar app. So you won’t forget to make a call you had to postpone for some reason.

A similar addition was recently realized in mobile Outlook. It allowed you to schedule a Skype call with creating a special shortcut containing call time and invitees list, and you just had to tap it at the time you get notified. But Skype scheduling works in a different way. It marks the call time in your calendar as Busy and shows you a regular alert to make a call.

Skype scheduling now works in a different way!

It’s done very easily. You just have to select the contact you need to talk to, open the hamburger dot menu in the upper right corner for a drop down menu and select “Schedule a call”. You will see the full-option form for creating an entry in your calendar. If you’re using multiple calendars in your Outlook, you can select the one you save the entry to. It’s quite similar to the entries you create manually.

Another important innovation is managing Office documents. In fact, it’s the most common kind of files sent via Skype. Now you can handle the received files by simply tapping on them to open it in Office application. Again, it doesn’t matter whether you use the original Microsoft Office or another office suite. And if you have none, you’ll be redirected to the instructions page.

We only noticed one issue to be fixed in the next update. When selecting Online in the contact list, selecting some contact and then going back to the list, it displays all contacts again. But it’s a minor inconvenience, in fact.

You can download the updated Skype by following this link. The update is international and available worldwide, so it doesn’t depend on your country or language.

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