Skype For Android Reviewed: Can You Hear Me Now?

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Among millions of mobile applications, there are only several dozen of those with names that sound one hundred percent familiar to everyone. It’s quite logical that the communication-oriented ones are rather high up in the app market ratings. It's because of such services we can always keep in touch with our dearest ones, even if we're living far away from them. 

Still, simple messages and calls aren’t enough for our ever-growing comfort demands. This is a reason of popularity of such applications as Skype, which provides users with a wide variety of other useful features, including video calls and immediate messages. Since its rollout, Skype has always been among the most popular communication tools in both its desktop and mobile versions. 

All the offered services may be divided into free and payment-based ones. Actually, the average user will be fully satisfied with the first portion, allowing video calling and instant messages sending within the application. 
Skype Mojis

Chats and Attachments

Text messages are sent and delivered literaly in a second that makes the whole communication process funny and natural. You may share texts, photos, locations, documents, short video messages (up to 3 minutes), smiles, and Mojis - short animated clips from films and shows; they’re like GIFs, but with sound support. What is more, if your message consists of emoticons only, some magic stuff happens – they become enlarged and animated. 

Managing a chat has become a very simple task. You just need to press a contact or a chat in the Recent Tab for deleting, marking as read, or switching off notifications. Besides, owing to one of the latest updates all the users have the opportunity to save any video message received or sent. “Save to Gallery” option from the contextual menu allows to do this very quickly. 

Video Calls: Individual and Group

Video calling is an awesome type of communication, especially when you have a good connection and a decent front camera module. Besides, these calls have one more cool feature known as picture-in-picture window. It allows answering an incoming video call without the interruption of your current mobile activity. This tiny window may be located anywhere on the screen not to obstruct the main picture. 


Why do we ever need such an option? Pick up the most relevant reason among the following ones: the call is urgent; you can’t reject a call or pretend you’re not here; you may easily take part in a conversation while doing a project and so on.
Group video chat is another amazing feature Skype may boast of. Friends can arrange a meeting and speak of all its details; relatives from all over the world can meet together “in a one place” and talk a little bit; co-workers can collaborate on a project and discuss its key moments, etc. You should only create a new chat and share its link with others in a way of invitation. Moreover, if some of them don’t have the app installed, everything is OK as they may just follow the link and enter their names to join the special chat on the web.
Handy Video Calling

Voice Calls, Everywhere You Want

Conventional calls don’t belong to the most popular Skype features, actually. However, one can keep contact with friends and relatives, even when they’re offline, calling or sending them SMS at a low cost no matter where they live. In case you do it regularly, buying a monthly subscription will be a cheaper variant. There are many plans for different destinations and regions as well as a universal unlimited plan, which includes almost 70 countries of the world. On the contrary, if it’s a one-time event, you may just be content with the postpaid call. 

Customization: Ringtones

Frankly speaking, not everyone likes a standard Skype ringtone (no offense, Skype developers!) and a lot of users even find it irritating. In such a case, they’re very lucky, because there are such things as contact-specific ringtones. They may be set as a caller ID like in an ordinary contact list. In fact, it’s very handy as you may know who is calling beforehand. Actually, this feature should have been added long ago, but we are just happy to have it at last. For enjoying it, tap on a contact, then go to Settings! Ringtone Options Set Custom Ringtone.


We can’t but mention the possibility of bad connection quality, using Skype. There may be a plenty of reasons in charge of this, but you can do some operations to reduce the stray. First of  all, make sure that you use a strong Wi-Fi signal. Then you should better close all the other apps which aren’t essential at the moment, because they influence connection greatly. Anyway, plugging a headset should improve at least a voice part of a call.


Perhaps, someone may object to the perfectness of Skype, taking into account a vast number of possible alternatives existing nowadays. However, over 500 million downloads as well as almost the same amount of active users are the strict arguments for its leader status. In fact, you may simply ask anyone in the street, whether he or she uses Skype on his/her Android device and the answer will most likely be “Yes”. Others similar apps just come and go, but it seems like Skype will always stay with us. 


Antonio Neri


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  • tb
    the barking dentist
    5 years ago
    Yes, Skype, is probably one of the coolest apps in the world. Finally, they added minion! Yay! käima Eestis!
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  • m
    5 years ago
    Skype was the first app that I've installed on my phone. The interface for Android is very similar to the PC one, so there is no trouble working with it.
  • t
    5 years ago
    Despite the fact that there are many other apps similar to Skype, I continue to use it on my phone. Love it
  • s
    5 years ago
    A good app with lots of necessary improvements. As for me then it needs a very good Internet connectiod on both sides. This is not always possible to find . Another drawback a strong battery consumption.
  • A
    5 years ago
    I bought an Android smartphone, and I am glad that now I have Skype! Basically I can talk without static noise only  where wi-fi is available, not very comfortable.
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