Skype gets unexpected updates, Windows version suddenly left behind

Skype gets unexpected updates, Windows version suddenly left behind on Freepps Top Blog

It seems that Microsoft has realized that there is some life after Windows. The company still holds on to its main product, including Windows 10 in all sizes and forms, new Lumia phones, Surface and other devices of its own. But you won’t escape Microsoft’s ambitious intentions, even behind a new 3D-Touch iPhone.

Skype has been one of Microsoft’s vulnerable spots. Since its acquisition, MS has done little to upgrade it, mostly the developers have been fixing bugs and bringing it onto new platforms. But finally it seems like Microsoft has run ahead of itself. The best proof is what Microsoft has done to Skype in a new iOS release.

3D-touch the video

Microsoft has never been known as an innovative leader, it’s rather associated with corporate standards. But Nadella’s style means more sensitivity to technological tendencies. Have you already felt what Apple’s 3D Touch is like? The most probable answer is “no”, even though you might have heard and seen of it a great lot.

And Microsoft is already reacting. New Skype version for iOS (both for the iPhone and iPad) is 3D touch-ready now, it recognizes the power of your pressing and reacts in different ways. Force the Skype icon at iPhone 6s’ screen and you’ll get the real context menu with quick access to the most used features (contacts, recent dialogues and so on).

Yes, in fact, it works just like the right mouse click (the feature Apple ignored for a long time), so it’s the same old chicken-or-egg dilemma. But can you imagine Ballmer’s Microsoft being so sensitive and quick? And there’s another reason why iPhone 6s has its “s” – for Skype.

There are also other innovations you can appreciate even if you use an Android smartphone.

Skype goes Insta

When asked about Instagram’s secret most users will mention filters. They are not the master-key, of course, but they make adjusting photos much easier. Then filters came to Instagram videos… And oh, look, now Skype can do the same!

Of course, it only applies to video messages. But it works like a real-time one. First, you select the filter you like (with a proper preview feature). When you have picked the one you like best you start recording your video and the app processes it on the go.

You can also add some animated images into your messages: balloons if you feel happy or want to cheer the receiver up), a ghost if you want more mystic in your pictures and so on. Distort your face to make it look funnier. There are many functions that allow you to make your video message into a real little movie with special effects!

Other features

Now it’s easier to share your Skype contacts when you’re talking. Just select the Contact button and tap on it, and you’ll get your contact list to select from. Pick the contact you need, and it will be sent to your current partner.

Another great feature is removing chats manually from the Recent list. The chat is still stored, but the Recent list will not display it (at least until it has new messages).

And what about the Windows version? Strangely, the Windows Phone version still lacks these updates.

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  • S
    1 year ago
    It is very good that Skype have the opportunity of online to distort the image! I often call the kids and I like to entertain! And with the new opportunity, our conversations will not forget!
  • a
    1 year ago
    saya sangat suka dengan skype
  • s
    2 years ago
    it's cool that you can force the Skype icon at iPhone 6s’ screen and you’ll get the real context menu with quick access to the most used features.
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