Skype To Announce Group Mobile Video Calls, Soon

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A decade of existence, especially a successful one, means a lot in the modern world, full of rivalry and excessive supply. In case with wedding anniversaries, there is a tradition of presenting gifts. And our today’s jubilee app is planning it for everyone. 

We’re talking about the video calling opportunity introduced by Skype ten years ago. At that time, this event changed thae game, allowing people to communicate with their dearest ones via visual contact and share the moments that matter a lot with them. Four years later this feature appeared on mobile devices. Today, the Skype team makes an announcement of another innovation - free group video calling for mobile platforms. 

10 Years of Video Calling Opportunities

In the nearest future, this feature will stop being exclusive to desktop devices and Android, iOS, and other smartphones will join the game. According to the statistics, there are more than 750 million people worldwide who currently use Skype on their phones and tablets. Such a popularity of the application is amazing and requires constant growth. However, these multi-person calls won’t be the first of their kind as Google’s Hangouts supports up to 10 simultaneous participants now. It will be interesting to know Skype’s allowance in this regard. 

Skype Group Video Calls May Look Like This

Still, we haven't been told the exact launch date of the new service. Skype's industry standard “in the coming weeks” is too vague. Besides, if you’re interested in getting the early access to it, you may follow this link and fill in the pre-registration form. 

It will take just a minute as there are only four input boxes: email, Skype name, country of residence and the mobile OS of your device. When the mobile group video calling is ready, you’ll receive an email. Although, it’s unclear whether Skype will send a beta version first for testing or no. Looking forward to the app updates and additional info on the topic!

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    5 years ago
    Recently Skype doesn't please with stable work. We will remember day when Skype stopped.
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  • J
    5 years ago
    I think that users must have enough device capacity to support this function rightly. For example I have a smartphone which has problems with usual calls so I don't think that this feature will be popular.
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