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Share The Holiday Atmosphere With Skype  on Freepps Top Blog

We have come close to the winter holiday season. The presents are at their new owners. The Christmas tree is still standing. The holiday atmosphere still lingers. We are just waiting for those moments when all our relatives or friends meet at one table and remember all the good things that happened to us. 

It’s not so simple in practice as sometimes our dearest ones live too far away from us or have to be in another place these days. 

In the good old days, people used to send letters or cards and write down their congratulations on the paper to wish their family members all the best. Later, we could take advantage of using phones. Fortunately, we’re luckier today with such a service as Skype and its video communication. The app’s developers took care of your holiday connection with those who matter most via releasing an update.

Choose the Appropriate Atmosphere to Be Shared

Video Congratulations

So, now users have an opportunity to send a “live” greeting card via recording a winter-themed video congratulation. You can do it by tapping the “+” button in the lower right corner of the screen. There you’ll see a snowflake as a sign that you’re doing everything right. Then, this video of max 720p resolution may be also shared via social nets and even email. 

But don’t worry, if you should congratulate many people and you think that it will take a lot of time. In case a thought of sending “video packs” has crossed your mind, you have to know that Skype does provide you with such an opportunity in group chats.  

Share Your Christmas Emotions

Emoji and Mojis

One more way to express your elevated mood is to send messages with new Christmas emoji such as Santa, polar bears, Christmas tree, making a snow angel, etc., and holiday-themed Mojis from movies and TV shows. Take the best of this type of communication!

Send Skype Credits to Your Dearest

Skype Credit

You might have expected that this is where the updates come to the end. Though, there’s one more feature. All those emoji, snowflakes, and congratulations are nice, but some of us would prefer something more significant. It’s the reason Skype allows you to send your friends and relatives Skype Credit as a present. This may also replace a last-minute gift. 

Follow these simple steps:

  • Log into and choose a lucky person.
  • Tap on the sum to send.
  • Pick up the virtual card design and press “Send”. The addressee will get a relevant notification.

Choose a Look of Your Skype Credit Present

Final Note

We’re sure that you’ll choose the most appropriate way of showing your love and affection to all those people who deserve it most. And it seems like the Skype developers have found a way to show theirs. Happy holidays!

Ryan Kerr


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  • J
    5 years ago
    It is amazing. We can congratulate our friends and send them postcards via Skype! And the pictures are so cute! You and your friends are gonna like it!
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