SleepBot Review: Pay All the Debts to Your Body

SleepBot Review: Pay All the Debts to Your Body on Freepps Top Blog

It seems to me the more I sleep, the more I need it. The explanation of this paradox is very easy – there are some problems with my everyday sleeping routine. Unfortunately, the modern pace of life doesn’t allow us to have enough sleep forcing to get up early. Dealing with alarms isn’t my favorite manipulation, but “smart” alarm applications with sleep trackers are a little bit different from the “ordinary” ones by their rich functionality. So, I decided to test one.

SleepBot sits separately in the row of similar apps, combining both smart alarm and tracker of sleeping activity. Its’ fascinating features are as follows.

Smart alarm

SleepBot signals not only on the set time but also takes into account the sleep phase and user’s individual peculiarities to ring exactly on the most appropriate time within the specified range (as a rule, it’s a period of 30 minutes before the set time). The fact is that the app doesn’t wake you up during the phase of deep sleep, because it’s very stressful to our bodies. The alarm chooses the optimal moment to make it closer to a natural awakening. 

All you need is to launch the app and place the smartphone next to you. Then it will observe and analyze both your movements (tosses and turns) and sounds – the more active they are, the closer you are to awakening. Besides, later on you’ll be able to listen to the records and get to know which noises have interrupted your dream. Moreover, it’s possible to adjust the sensitivity of sensors. It was a little bit scary though because before the experiment I didn’t know that I talked in my dream sometimes.


Every morning the smart alarm creates various graphs for your night movements, sounds, noises, general duration of your sleep, etc. 

Sleep Debts

The alarm also tracks the statistics of your sleep duration and calculates the amount of “sleep debts” which you owe to your own body. Everyone knows that fatigue builds up gradually and you’d better pay all the debts to cope with it.


Detailed Everyday Statistics


After awakening, the app offers you to take some notes and rate tonight's sleep. It’s a cool option, actually: it allows you to create something like a dream journal. 

Bedtime Reminder

SleepBot calculates the difference between the time you need to sleep and the actual time you spent for sleeping. The program won’t let you miss the best time to go to bed if you want to be cheerful and refreshed in the morning.

Turning off all the sounds automatically.

One may enable the option of switching off Wi-Fi and activating the Flight Mode in order to prevent the rest interruption.

No ads (who needs comments?)

However, the app is also plagued by several drawbacks. Perhaps, someone might not pay too much attention to them, but it’s not my case, though. 

First, I couldn’t help but noticed that the battery was almost discharged. I’m aware that battery drain is just a downside of any tracking process, but it’s not very funny to plug charger the into the phone every night.
Second, it becomes problematic for SleepBot to track your movements correctly in case you share your bed with another person. Of course, the developers promise to improve the functionality but it's still kind of meh. 

So my overall personal rating for this app is 9/10, and it's a pretty solid and useful app. You can download the Android and iOS versions here at The Apps Depot.

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    6 years ago
    This is exactly what I need. I don't think that the apps will display everything clear. But definitely it's worth a try.
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    6 years ago
    Thank you! With this "Smart Alarm" my mode of sleeping has changed to best and now i sleep and wakeup better.
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